08 September 2015

Meet the Readers: Hervé

Meeting new fundoshi enthusiasts always makes my week! Here is a collection of photos Hervé took of himself in fundoshi, testing out his new selfie-stick!

"How did i discover fundoshi…………i have a attraction for loincloth in general  since my childhood. Classic movies with men in loincloth could get me crazy ( and i could not reason why or give it a place). Internet made it possible to cruise on such pics and to look for groups or blogs. I never participated. A few years ago, i found out that “it” was called “fundoshi” in Japan and how to wrap it (and the dimensions). Instead of buying a ready kit, i bought fabric in the area, and tested it myself. To discover it not only looks good, it feels good too."

"Jealous to be Western Europe based, would love to live in Japan or India where it is common (in some places or occasions) to wear it………..I witnessed 1 time in BKK a group of young Thai (?) wearing it. And here we are, wearing only boxer shorts."

"So that’s my story basically, i am a loner with my likings, not so much interested in how horny a guy can get in it. I get horny from it all right, i just love to be in contact with like minded, and everybody their reason or story, i simply think it’s looking GOOD and much better as the boxer or jockstrap culture here."

GREAT pics! Can't wait to see more of Hervé. Thank you to him for sharing these images. Please don't re-post them without his permission, that's impolite.

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Shy C said...

It's always very inspiring to come to this blog. Thanks to internet, now it's even possible for like-minded to share. I enjoyed the picts and especially Hervé little comments about his journey thru this process. Likewise I am also intrigue since young but could shy away when shows like Tarzan comes on as I feel kind of shy about the almost nakedness of the actor. Yet I know I love to watch but on a very private basis without others around me. My first attempt at wearing one was a long narrow strip of fabric just tied at random over the crotch. I like the tightness it gives and would bound tightly, causing me to be hard in the process. Bounding it even tighter to get all the excitement of it. It was not until I met Zdragon did I found out the actual name for the Japanese loin and the proper way to tie it. one thing lead to another and now there is no turning back. Discovering this site, leading to others and more and more knowledge of just a simple loin. The variations etc. Made quite a handful myself, mostly to test out the different variations and feel of it. Looking forward to more likeminded sharing their thoughts and images. Thanks all.

Queso Azul said...

Excellent !! Great turn ons each and every entries. Thanks for sharing traditional underwear.