20 June 2017


Fundoshi turns up on stage more often than you might think, whether wrapped around the muscular hips of taiko drummers or as the fig-leaf of modern dance troupes who use the human body to its full expressive potential:

In post-war Japan, Butoh (舞踏) has arisen: an avant-garde form of dance theatre that arose in 1959 through collaborations between its two key founders Hijikata Tatsumi and Ohno Kazuo. According to Wikipedia, "Common features of the art form include playful and grotesque imagery, taboo topics, extreme or absurd environments, and it is traditionally performed in white body makeup with slow hyper-controlled motion."

You can read a whole lot more about Butoh there. After the break, there's a glimpse into the wild and bizarre world of Butoh dance!

13 June 2017

Black And White and Vintage Fundoshi

Some of my favorite images are vintage black-and-white photos depicting fundoshi in everyday life. The already timeless look of fundoshi is rendered even more timeless when monochromatic. I would love to know more about the sources of these images!

30 May 2017

Fundoshi Body Language And You: Assuming The Position

It's usually fairly obvious when your fundoshi buddy wants to get railed by you: he'll present his backside to you, maybe drop to all fours, and spread his legs wide. He might gyrate his hips invitingly. Maybe he'll even spread his cheeks apart to enhance your view. He might even pull the fundoshi to one side so you can clearly see where he wants your hot quivering rod... to slide... inside him...

...oh, hi there! I got distracted for a second, thinking about a tight slick anus engulfing every throbbing inch of my cock. It's really hard (!) ...to focus on writing a blog post while daydreaming about drilling a horny buddy's fundoshi-wrapped ass...

Please review the photos after the break so that you too will recognize the signs: when your fundoshi pal wants your cock filling him up, you don't want to miss the chance! Note the arched backs and buttocks in the air. Body language is important in establishing consent, but make sure you also whisper in his ear, "do you want me inside you?" or something to that effect just to make sure! Keep condoms (and lube!) on hand when you're with your fundoshi friends in case they start to exhibit the signs of needing your dick.

I hope you fully enjoy this post...

OK here we go!