02 May 2017

Mameshibori Dot-Pattern Fundoshi, Part 1

I just ordered my first real mameshibori pattern fundoshi from Fundoshitaro's eBay shop! In celebration, I'd like to make a few posts that focus on this grid-pattern of small dots. In Japan, they are referred to as "beans." What we might call polka dots is called something very different in a culture that doesn't have polka. The most common color is navy blue, but mameshibori pattern can be in a variety of colors including red, gray, green, sky blue, or pink. I'm focusing on navy blue for these posts.

25 April 2017

Who is Fundoshibu?

We here at Fundoshi4All! aren't the only ones excited about fundoshi! There are many others scattered across the globe who are interested in promoting the wearing and enjoyment of fundoshi. A new leading light is Fundoshibu.

18 April 2017

Tumblr Round-Up No. 2

Even though the Fundoshi 4 All tumblr has fallen by the wayside, I've been finding many other magnificent fundoshi-obsessed contributors on that site.

I thought you might like checking a few of them out too. If you enjoy these, I bet the authors would appreciate if you followed and re-posted them. If you don't have a tumblr, bookmark all of these – they're all worth watching! Which ones are you favorites?

Collect them all, after the jump!
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