03 October 2017

How Gay is this Blog?

The extreme ends of the Kinsey Scale seem old-fashioned as society forges its way toward individual equality. Humans have proven not to be as clear-cut beings as 100% straight or 100% gay. We truly inhabit all the colors of the rainbow.

Although the content of Fundoshi4 All favors homoeroticism, this is truly a reflection of the fundoshi-related imagery available online, rather than a wish to isolate interest in fundoshi to just men who enjoy men. I have no doubt that beyond the confines of the internet, people of all sorts and all shapes are enjoying fundoshi as an undergarment, as ritual wear, for comfort or indeed for the purpose of male lust.

26 September 2017

Catching Up With Svadisthana 2017

The Svadisthana: Spirituality In A Profane Realm blog continues to be a fountain of artistic and sensual inspiration. See the full blog here!

19 September 2017


While wandering Twitter, I stumbled across the Twitter feed of a bar called  褌BAR「刀兄」(TOHNII), which also goes by @fundoshi30. Looks like my kind of place! Has anyone ever visited this bar, or one like it?

While I don't think all of the photos from the feed are strictly of the bar or its patrons, I do think many of them depict regulars of this casual watering hole where muscular men enjoy one another's company dressed only in their national traditional loin wrap!