If you have questions, remarks, photos, stories, artwork, links to videos, etc. related to wearing and enjoying fundoshi, they can be sent to:

ihsodnufraew at yahoo dot com

(that's "wear fundoshi" spelled backward, at yahoo)

ATTENTION: If you have books, photographs, magazines, vintage erotica, or screen shots that depict men or women wearing fundoshi, I would love it if you would send me high quality images. A lot of the best stuff out there is pre-internet, so it would be great to be able to share your finds with everyone!

[NOTE: at the moment, the Tumblr is not able to update. This effects the Twitter feed as well, since the Tumblr supplies 99% of the Twitter content. I hope to have the situation fixed soon, but for now please e-mail submissions to the address above. Thanks, Ry]


Please do not send or forward anything illegal, degrading, spammy, or hateful.


PHOTO POLICY Fundoshi 4 All is a clearinghouse for information and pictures about fundoshi. Generally, fundoshi images found on the web are considered fair to re-post here on the blog. I do not re-size images, nor do I add or subtract watermarks. Images are posted exactly as found. If images were shared privately with me, or if images are on someone's private/personal blog or social media site, permission is sought BEFORE they are posted here. Otherwise, images posted are considered fair use. Please contact me if you are the owner of an image, I pledge to respect image ownership. Unfortunately I cannot answer anonymous claims of ownership. Fundoshi lovers are a global culture with many languages, please be patient with me if we do not speak the same language and I will do my best to communicate with you.

Thank you very much for your interest in Fundoshi 4 All!

-- Ryan