15 September 2015

Ayuzus Dream-Tribute Visual Diary

In a bit of a departure, I wanted to share some images I made with a digital camera while looking at the photography of Ayuzus, who I follow on both tumblr and twitter. He's a slender young Asian man with a great imagination. Armed with milky-smooth skin over a long lean frame, Ayuzus knows how to tie a fundoshi on and uses it to great effect as a focusing tool, subtly sensual and visually arresting.

While browsing his stunning underwear and fundoshi-themed self-portraits, I began to take pictures of the screen, but at very oblique angles. The result was these vibrant color-shifted pictures. There were no tweaks applied to these afterward, they are all full-frame and happened in camera.

My photos turned out mostly abstract, so if you seek something more literally erotic, check out the treasure-trove of images at the two links above! I hope you enjoy these. They were fun to capture and a surrealistic way to pay a tribute to Ayuzus for all his beautiful, inspiring, and sexy gay-themed cosplay and photography.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Very good. It would be interesting to see the starting points that inspired you

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Check out his twitter and tumblr for the full inspiration!

Shy C said...

Wow Ayuzus have a very 'wild' imagination, full of creativity and interesting. Ryan, your is more abstract and indeed interesting to see the source of inspiration and outcome. Good job, a very different angle of the much love fundoshi and it does looks like it been manipulated digitally if you haven't pre-alert us otherwise.