The fundoshi may be traditionally a man's garment, but it's not exclusive. Women also wear fundoshi, and look fantastic doing so! "Prendre shorts" (Etchu fundoshi for women) are definitely a trendy item in Japan.

From cosplayers, to comfort-seekers, to the curious, to  the Ama (female pearl and abalone free-divers of Japan's coastal towns), to devotees of rope bondage, a fundoshi on a woman's hips is a strong individual statement.

Fundoshi honors the past and is ideal for the future. I believe the fundoshi is exclusive to neither gender. I hope that if it interests you, you'll try wearing it.

Although the majority of fundoshi pictures on the internet are of males, I encourage women to wear and enjoy fundoshi, too. Since starting this blog I've highlighted women in fundoshi as often as I can gather enough photos and below are links to most of those posts. It would be great to see the feminine representation of the fundoshi increase!

Anyone who would like to share images of themself in fundoshi can drop me a note by any of the ways I've listed here.

(below are links to past posts primarily featuring women)

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