11 August 2015

Catching Up With Svadisthana and Felix d'Eon!

One of my true pleasures is meeting other people who take to the fundoshi like a fish to water. I've developed long-distance friendships with a few other fundoshi-wearers over the last few years and one of the most rewarding trans-oceanic correspondences has been with Svadisthana, who has helped me with things as diverse as back pain and artistic inspiration.

Here are a few images taken from just one of the posts on his blog. There is much, much more to see there as he explores fundoshi, underwear, langots, cultural heritage, spiritual and sexual expression. Always illuminating, erotic, and stretching the creative bounds of fundoshi imagery!

If his blog delivers the goods, wait til you see his tumblr!!

Speaking of artistry and expressive use of fundoshi, Mexican artist Felix d'Eon has made both of these things integral parts of his life. Peopling his paintings with fundoshi-clad (and frequently unclad) young men for several years now, the fundoshi is just one of Felix's many artistic tropes. He draws from the entire pool of human history and experience, portraying sweetly homosexual love in a multiplicity of cultures and eras.

However fundoshi is much more than an artistic theme for Felix, it's often studio, leisure, and party attire! Pictured below are a few playful images featuring Felix and his studio assistant Samuel wearing fundoshi and beaded masks created by Felix. These were originally posted for his website and they kindly let me re-post them here.

Be sure to check out Felix's blog, galleries, and bio. He's a very rewarding artist to keep tabs on!

Enjoy the images, but please don't share without the proper permission. It's great to be connected with each of you.

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