09 December 2014

Meet The Readers: Paul and Shy China

Paul is a reader who originally submitted this great series of shots to the unfortunately malfunctioning Fundoshi 4 All tumblr, so I asked if I could post them here instead. Here is a fantastic series of him donning his fundoshi, taking his time and giving us some tantalizing, suggestive outlines inside the fabric to fantasize about.

I love receiving shots like these, and it's an honor to debut them here! If anyone else would like to drop me a private message or submit some pictures, here's my contact info.

There's nothing quite like coming home from a long day and finding a great series of fundoshi pics in your inbox! Thanks, Paul.


Paul's photos illustrate the potent eroticism of fundoshi, in a sort of reverse strip-tease barely containing his masculine energy. The lighting and shadow add drama and the overall effect is sensual and inviting. His own arousal and excitement transfer to the viewer as the twists and folds of fabric travel around his body's curves and angles, snugging and tightening into a neat cloth knot that cradles his sexual essence at the same time that it puts it on display.

Shy China

Shy China is one of my first inspirations who I met on the internet years ago through a shared interest in fundoshi. Endlessly creative and boundlessly inventive, he makes a lot of his own gear, including fundoshi and bondage S&M costumes.

I've seen him make a fundoshi out of newspaper, and a really cute jockstrap/loincloth out of an athletic sock. A little ingenuity and sewing goes a long way. His imagination is just as sexy as his lithe body.

He's also done a series of fantasy/fairytale erotic images that are delightful and naughty. I want to thank Shy China for the inspiration that helps me come up with new ideas of my own. Sharing with him across an ocean has made me really appreciate what a small world it really is and how common interests and a kind spirit can feel like a close friend even though we've never met in person.

It's on my wish list! Check out Shy C's highly erotic blog here.

(at the bottom is an exclusive, brand new pic of him masked and caged! Thank you for the opportunity to debut it here. -- Ry)



Sincere thanks to Paul and Shy China for sharing these great images with us! These are my favorite posts to make and I love getting to know readers through their e-mails and self-expression. Can't wait to do more reader features! If you'd like to see your fundoshi on these pages, drop me a note at ihsodnufraew at yahoo dot com.

(as always, please don't copy or re-post these photos without permission from the owners. Feel free to +1 or link to this post if you'd like to share it somewhere else, though.)


mahasikhari said...

My God! These images were just mind boggling - Paul, you have an amazing sense of drama in your images. The sepia tone just highlights the erotic feel. I appreciated the reverse strip that Ryan described too. Very provocative! Very unashamed raw male beauty. It still strikes me how easily messing around with a fundoshi gets us aroused.
ShyC you are an erotic genius. Love the textures, the lighting moods. Very nice smooth sleek body. Gives me the impression there's a volcano beneath that shy façade. You guys are both awesome.

Paul said...

Thank you Mahasikhari. Nice to read such a comment.

Shyc said...

Thanks Mahasikhari. We are all learning from one another. There are no eruption of erotism from this 'shy' man. Just quiet calm ripples of tide by the effect of it hitting the banks. Lol
It's a pleasure to be featured in Ryan's blog. Been following this blog and many more of his for the love of fundoshi inspirations. He mention he is inspired by me but in turn I am by his and it's like a wonderful cycle. His feature on Alan Prufrock lead me to create fundoshi beyond just plain colour fabric to that ink-tie dye you see above and many more poses from others here.
And indeed Paul's images gives one mind a good imagination marathon. I love your dramatic effects with the use of shadow and lights. And the hand underneath the twisted fabric at the back just brought grins of naughty thots.

Paul said...

Shyc, you are too kind for me :)
I just tried to take the most simple photos of my first play with fundoshi.