02 December 2014

Comfy No. 3

The "Comfy" posts seem to have gone over well so out of gratitude for so many site hits and so much positive reaction here are many more pictures of men hanging loose in their fundoshi.

If the idea of chilling in a carefully knotted loincloth appeals to you, you're not alone! The versatility of a fundoshi encompasses pretty much the entire spectrum from pleasure to pain. The garment's ability to be tightened or loosened, to be customized to each body, means it can range from being an eye-catching instrument of "soft bondage," a supportive basket for (ahem) athletic activities, or something soft and comfy gliding against the skin.

That latter aspect is the one this post focuses on. Males in various sates of comfort and relaxation, doing relaxing activities, and coolly, casually confident in their wrappings. Being this at-ease can lead to the occasional "wardrobe malfunction," but who's complaining about that?

I hope you enjoy these posts and I want to take this chance to say it's been really great to hear from so many readers from all over Planet Earth. Your messages and photos are incredibly uplifting and encouraging! A lot of them are pretty hot, too. Wow. Take a look at the Reader Gallery to browse some of the snapshots of your fundoshi-clad fellow readers. On that note, if anyone is ever interested in private messaging me, you can find my contact information here.

(the pic above is not technically a fundoshi, but I just love everything about this photo!)


Anonymous said...

as always the pix are hot and stimulating/fantacizing producing....

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Thank you! One of the beautiful things about the fundoshi is that it does stimulate the imagination. First off, there's the bulge in front, or sometimes even the clear outline of a cock and balls. Second, I can't look at a fundoshi without sense-memory of the sensation of cloth against my skin. So much eroticism!

褌水兵 said...

i love that photo book verrrrry much!!!! i want to see it!!!!