18 November 2014

Meet the Readers: Svadisthana

We last saw Dean in these pages in April and since then he's been pretty busy! Besides a life schedule that widely incorporates fundoshi into his yoga and spiritual practices, he's started up five inter-related blogs under the Svadisthana title that explore different facets of sensuality – from gently poetic eroticism to unfettered raw sexiness!

And here they are!!

Svadisthana portrays the journey of the soul/self (the spirituality) within the body which in turns travels through space and time (nature). The journey is winding and always changeable (ego/mood).  The link is fundoshi, which takes on the form of a deity (a familiar icon) that can be perceived with the senses in a way of actuating the link between spirituality and nature.

Svadisthana II draws attention to the fetishes (specific likes) of the false ego, in this case the look of the male body in male underwear, sports and formal clothing in various states of undress. The mood is both provocative and narcissic.

Svadisthana III focusses on the false ego's identity as more subtle than the gross body and this is reflected in the subtle use of partial or full nudity.

Svadisthana IV portrays the false ego's identity as a MALE human being in it's purest form revealing the potency of lingam, and signifying the natural means of creation. 

Svadisthana V portrays an intimate visual reference of the male human body's erotic nature.

He maintains a strong connection to the ocean near his home. Showing a preference for ragged edges on his homemade loincloths, Dean experiments with the ancient form. Below is a small collection of photos from across the Svadisthana sites, just a few of my favorites. There's lots more to see and explore as he takes an individual and personal approach to fundoshi, langots, underwear, yoga, dance, and anything else unique he encounters along the way.

Although he's pretty eloquent on the subjects of masculinity, spirituality and loincloth-wearing, the Svadisthan sites are fairly wordless. Just pictures.

His approach is simple and unencumbered, unselfconscious. No fancy camera tricks, just simple elements like water, light, skin, and fabric.

Dean has given me a lot to think about and has also been a great source of advice and encouragement as I work on my own physical development.

Inspiration and artistry, two things I find in wearing a fundoshi and that I search for weekly all over the world. Even if we are all hemispheres apart, a simple lacing of fabric around our loins unites us.

Below is one of my erotic favorites, the wet cloth translucent and clinging to his outlined maleness, his body sexually energized and soapy.

I'd like to thank him for kind permission to share these photos with you. These images are copywritten and all rights are reserved. Please do not share these images without his prior permission.


shyc said...

Many Thanks to Ryan for this article and to Svadisthana for his willingness to share his private photos. Impressive 1st pict with stunning pose, love the raw edges of the langoti. It was thru this site and Alan Prufrock that I learned to let loose and not be bother to have well sewn edges. In this posting a see something that had bugged me for life. Spirituality and fetishes. There is constantly a struggle within me of the two opposite ends. Always believe that it is one or the other. SInce I cannot control my own lust and desire, I have opt for the latter but the spiritual side keeps knocking on my door. Many times making me wonder if someone up there was trying to tell me something. With this constant mixed emotions, it keep me very closeted and more and more recluse. So it comes as a much needed relief to see Svadisthana 'freedom' as opposed to mine

mahasikhari said...

This is a message for shyc.I'm glad that Ryan helped me to share my private photos. The simplest way for you to reconcile your spirituality AND your sexuality is to realise one fact - you yourself are not actually your body. Your body is simply a vehicle for your soul (your true Self) to travel this journey of life. Like any vehicle, your body has a finite serviceable life. Your soul is forever -ie no beginning, no end. The vehicle also has many wonderful features, such as sexuality. In order to realise our true identity as part of a supreme soul, in this life we have to get to know and understand the functions of the vehicle we travel in. Our bodies can and do restrict our freedom. They have limits. But we can always enhance the what limited freedom we have by remembering who we really are. I hope this is of some help. Please feel free to connect with me through Ryan's blog if you wish.

mahasikhari said...

It's been a few days since the Svadisthana blogs went global. I've had many varied comments from friends and family and a lot of stunned silence (lol). Not one to over-milk the cow, I have achieved what I set out to do with the blogs. Now I want to consolidate on that. With that in mind, and taking into account a hectic schedule, I rationalised the blogs down to just one - the original. The others were merely exploratory and have served their purpose. The original captures the deep hidden psyche and offers the most opportunity for connection with others who may be on a journey of self-discovery.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Rendering this post obsolete! I think I'll add a note to it so people who don't read the comments don't feel stymied when they try to click the links.

I stopped by the new improved blog a couple times and I have to say I am in deep awe of your bravery and candor, inspired by the approach you're taking (with your camera as well as personally/spiritually), and excited about your involvement of fundoshi.

mahasikhari said...

There's much more to come. I have another two week break in January which is high summer in New Zealand. I'm going native and spending time in the wild areas North of Whangarei, back to ancestral whenua (land). Aside from scattered small settlements, it's wild, sparsely populated and achingly beautiful.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Ooh! I really can't wait for that.

mahasikhari said...

I've decided to re-open Svadisthana V. Just going through an extensive re-discovery of my own eros at present and concepts are coming through thick and fast. But for the current Christmas activity these concepts would be materialising on these blogs now. The other three blogs will remain closed.