11 March 2014

Sleeping Dragon!

For all the years that I've been interested in fundoshi, Sleeping Dragon has been a source of inspiration and an amazing fountain of intoxicating fundoshi pictures.  Besides fundoshi, he's interested in a wide range of BDSM and is an excellent erotic storyteller.  I want to feature a few of my favorite photos of his in gratitude.

Thank you, for all the imaginative and magnetically sexy pictures, stories, and other contributions you make!


I'd like to thank him for kind permission to share these with you. These images are copywritten and all rights are reserved. Please do not share these images without his prior permission.


Shyc said...

A great source of inspiration indeed. He was also a good model and excellent coach as a sub in my rope bondage days. Outside that we had similar interest and a great listen to my many issues. A mild and great pal if any of you get a chance to meet him in person. -Shyc

Ryan Rokushaku said...

I really hope to one day!