04 March 2014

Late Winter Warm-Up

I tried something new today, just jeans -- no underwear, no fundoshi.  They were tight-ish, not enough to outline my cock but enough to make my butt look really good.  I suppose if you were following me up a flight of steep stairs you might get a pretty good look at my package too, but what I'm trying to say is that the jeans were fairly chaste, by modern standards.  It was my free balling that felt like it was illicit.  For I have had a boner, all day long.  If not a full on erection, I've maintained a tingly half-boner for the better part of the morning and afternoon, and it keeps dotting the inside of my jeans with little slippery droplets of leaking precum.  The possible explanation is that I've been looking at porn, well, "dry humping" porn to be precise, though I'd hardly call it dry.  The vaginas were wet and welcoming and the cocks that slid against their pink lips were soon glistening and slick.  The eventual orgasms of both partners look ecstatic, the semen was abundant.  I have no idea why I haven't relieved myself yet.

I have a solution to all of this:  Take a warm shower and play with myself.  Not just a quick tug, but the lingering drawn-out equivalent of foreplay.  Tease my nipples a whole bunch.  Try to masturbate without using the standard "grip."  Then after I'm all clean and washed up, tuck myself into a soft fresh fundoshi for the rest of the night, maybe pour a little glass of whiskey and start a new book.

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ShyC said...

It does take a bit of getting use to freeballing but after a while it become second nature. When i started off I also had the same feeling and was also on constant semi hard state. Now I switch between without much hassle, sometime not realising even if I had anything underneath the pants/shorts/bermuda/jeans etc

p/s: the guy with tatoo in the field is hot and great shot!