26 November 2013

Tipsy with a Camera

I broke one of the cardinal rules of being drunk and horny: stay away from the camera!  After an afternoon of google-searching fundoshi stuff I got distracted by some rather spicy bisexual porn.  The next thing I knew, I had consumed a few beers and made an amateurish attempt to truss myself up with some clothesline like some of the artistic/erotic kinbaku rope bondage I've posted here before.  I also liberally lubed up a brand new butt plug (the biggest one I've ever attempted!) and secured it in place underneath the ropes and a black gauze fundoshi.  Then I posed and snapped away.

So that's why the pictures are a little shaky and hastily composed.  I decided that making them black and white would render these flaws "artistic," but since my balance was a little off you'll notice me leaning against doors and walls while I stick my ass out at the mirror.

My first thought was to post them up right away, but, no said the voice in my head -- think this over and wait until you're sober.  So I let a few days pass by.  But the experience was fun and spontaneous enough that I eventually decided to make a sort of visual diary of my aroused and soused state.

Below I'm thrusting my bulging package at the mirror, imagining that it's another black-clad fundoshi-lover inviting me to graze my erection against his through the thin cloth:

I continued this fantasy for a while, rubbing up against the mirror.  At some point I even kissed the mirror, I think you can see my lip prints in one of the snapshots above!  This was all pretty hot.  I was circling my nipples lightly with my fingertips and having both sides of an erotic conversation about grinding against my imaginary friend.  He was touching my stomach and the insides of my thighs, and hefting my tightly fabric-swathed balls in the palm of his hand.  Unfortunately that was too difficult to capture with the camera... I'm not quite that flexible!

It was about then that my girlfriend got home and walked in on me, catching me drunk and dressed up in a loincloth, ropes, and a ski mask.  At first, she laughed.  Of course, she's seen me in a fundoshi many, many times, and we've played with ropes and blindfolds, etc.  I'm sure it was a funny sight.  Anyway, after a minute her eyes were kind of glistening and she pushed me against the mirror.  The knot of my fundoshi pressed into the small of my back while she forcefully kissed me.  Before long she had dragged me to our bed.  We made out hungrily and she went down on me, loosening both the fundoshi and the ropes.  The butt plug was a bit of a surprise for her, I don't think she knew I had a new one.  Another opportunity for laughter came while we were making love, when the contractions of my sphincter pushed the lube-slicked butt plug right out of me!  The sudden release triggered a pretty massive orgasm and finally the ejaculation I had been staving off all afternoon, messy and hot and deeply satisfying.  Then, it was dinner time.  We warmed up some leftovers and had them in bed, still naked. 

After a nice hot shower and bathing each other, I put on a fresh white fundoshi.  She asked me to let her lace me up in the ropes again, quite a bit tighter than I had tied myself up earlier.  More kissing led to more lovemaking.  Below is the only photo I have from round two.  Sated and blissed out, we fell asleep.  The next day I was a touch sore from the bite of the ropes and from having my anus expanded by the plug, but I also felt like my whole body was glowing with a soft inner light.  I felt tingly and afterglow-y all day.  Sometimes being irresponsible is very rewarding.


looks like somebody got raptured right out of their fundoshi!


John said...

Totally hot! You look great, btw! Sometimes getting out of one's own head and letting fantasies take hold really liberates us from the roles and routines of life. Play, experiment and enjoy. Sex is as much about getting to the orgasm as the release itself. Enjoy the ride.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Thank you! I did really enjoy myself. I had second thoughts about posting these, but... too late! Now I want to set up more scenarios, take more pix, and post them!

Anonymous said...

Amazing and very erotic photos, Ryan! You have a very sexy body and seeing you in a Fundoshi gives me a boner! I sure hope you enjoy have sex with men too!!

John said...

Your fun story inspired me to invest in a new plug which is anatomically shaped for a guy to provide stimulation. More guys should look into this avenue of pleasure. It's especially fun during sex and really doubles the pleasure sensations.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

I don't currently have sex with men, but I'm not ruling anything out!