19 November 2013

I Was Wrong!

Throughout this site you'll find many, many tips on how to make and tie your own fundoshi loincloth, based on an ancient Japanese design that's been in use for over 1,200 years.  I've spent years gathering together and sharing as much knowledge as I can about the fundoshi, and it's been gratifying to watch the reader numbers grow and see more and more photos and other blogs popping up around the 'net featuring fundoshis.  One of the pieces of advice I've passed on many times is that making a fundoshi out of satin or silk won't work, since the fabric is not "grippy" enough.  Well, at least as far as satin is concerned, I was wrong about that!

My fiance had bought some black satin for a project that got scrapped, so last week I asked her if I could have some of it.  I cut a wide strip about 3 yards long and looped it between my legs and around my hips, cinching the sumptuous fabric into a fundoshi... and... it worked!  It stayed relatively secure, and it felt and looked divinely luxurious.  This was a fairly thick satin so it was a touch bulky, but it felt great between my cheeks and cradling my tackle.  The shiny black looked fantastic too.

Now I don't have the budget for silk, but I can just imagine how amazing a light silk fundoshi might feel.  I can tell you that satin might not be suitable for strenuous activity, but it definitely works and I'm looking forward to experimenting with it more!

Does anyone else have any experiences with satin, silk, or other shiny, slippery fabrics?  Alan?

Also, while we're in the mea culpa mood, I have fallen a little behind in posting up recent reader submissions!  And there have been some really good, creative ones.  So, if you have been eagerly awaiting seeing yourself in a fundoshi here, I'm sorry and don't despair -- feel free to send me a reminder e-mail if you've been waiting a long time.  Things have been busier for me lately and I've let a few things get away from me.  Please keep the great reader submissions coming!  It's amazing to see so many people get taken with the idea of a fundoshi, and I love seeing the results of your fun!


Alan Prufrock said...
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Alan Prufrock said...

Ryan - is this a challenge? I personally would think twice about satin. As you mentioned, it is a bit thick and we all know by now I like my fundoshi fabric on the impossibly thin side! I do see the appeal of how it feels and the shiny nature of the material. Keeping satin clean and stain-free is also a bit of a chore if you don't like to hand wash and flat-dry. My experience also tells me that some types of moisture (this word is chosen very carefully) can stain in a permanent manner. Delicate satins should be dry-cleaned. Silk poses similar issues, but I have been itching to try my hand at silk painting....so it may appear in a blog next year.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

I was just wondering if you had any insights... which you did! Any other ideas or thoughts on satin?

Anonymous said...

Try a 55 gallon drum liner. Cut it down the middle long ways and down the sides. It'll be a tad long but it works, and it's disposable. Be sure to tie it tight or it will come off, and if you want the second tail can be made to cover the buttocks as a last step. With this material, the wider the better as it does not breathe well. I like it alright, though.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Interesting idea! Got any photos?