22 May 2013

Fundoshi Reader's Gallery

I've been meaning to post some of the hot reader submissions for a really long time... months in a few cases!  Here at Fundoshi4All's corporate headquarters, it's hard to stay organized and on task.  In fact, it's pretty hard, period.  So many... distractions... and lovely bulging loincloths... so very hard.  So here at last we have some new photos from old favorites, Mickey, Mikey, ShyC, zzzDragon, Rokusyakudorei,  and more!  Thanks for the great submissions, and keep them coming!  You can e-mail cute fundoshi-wrapped self pics or snaps of your friends wearing only a scrap of Japan to ihsodnufraew @ yahoo.  You know the rest, right?



John said...

Hot damn! Some very fine men there! Beautiful and creative! The harness and nipple clamps gave me some ideas for things is HAVE to get but all are really great eye candy!

Shy C said...

Thanks for the compliments. Glad to be of service. Indeed interesting to see westerners more curious and wearing an asian item.
Thanks for the invitation for submissions, Ryan!
~ Shyc