26 May 2013

What Would You Like To Do WIth Rokusyakudorei?

This is a photo of Rokusyakudorei, author of one of the most arousing fundoshi and light bondage-themed blogs on the internet.  Unfortunately (for me) it is in Japanese, which I can't read, so I am compelled to make up my own narratives to accompany his beautiful photographic work.

What would I like to do to him?  Well, for starters, I'd like him to wrap me tight in a fundoshi, maybe a sky blue or navy one.  He could take his time.  Then I think I'd kneel in front of him and play with those nipples while I used my teeth and lips to nibble on the belt and edges of his loincloth.  I'd be sure not to skip raining soft wet kisses all over his taut stomach, and at some point I'd grip his buttocks while I kissed my way up to his collarbones.  At this point I'd be pressed against him, fundoshi-on-fundoshi, and even the slightest movements of our hips would tease our erections against each other through the thin cloth.  Every soft exhalation we made would feel electric on our warm damp skin.

What would you like to do to Rokusyakudorei?  Comments, please!

1 comment:

John said...

I would handcuff his hands behind his back then suck, bite and chew on his nips while stroking him through his fundoshi until he cried and came at the same time. (This happened to me recently and it was magic!)