31 March 2013

Wrapped, Knotted, And Lashed: Fundoshi/Kinbaku

Once again, many of these come to your eyes via Zzzdragon.  One is the amazing photography of Piez, a couple are drawings by famous Bara artist Goh Mishima, and a handful come from Asian porn legend Van Darkholme's Bound Gods site.  Enjoy!



John said...

These photos are a huge turn-on for me. My partner and I have been experimenting with adding bondage to our fun and I find that fundoshi + bondage is really hot. I've been tied up and paddled and forced to cum and I've tied her up so he could not touch me as I pleasured her. Of course, the tying-up process is half the fun!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos! Very erotic and homoerotic!!!