27 March 2013

Fundoshi Show-and-Tell

...including a couple great fundoshi-in-motion shots by ShyC, one of my favorite tumblr buddies.  Do you follow the Fundoshi 4 All tumblr?


John said...

THe male form and the male genitalia are beautiful and nothing showcases both like a fundoshi! Photo #23 made me wet. He could make me late for work any day.

Anonymous said...

Excellent photos!!! F4A does indeed get better all the time!! I especially like the Sumo Fundoshi pictures and the b/w bodybuilder picture! The incredible beauty of the male body and the male genitalia! Some of the pictures really give me a raging boner!!!!

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Thank you so much for enjoying this site! I'm really glad so many people feel the way I do about fundoshi, and the encouragement keeps me looking for new stuff. Bringing more boners into the world seems like a noble cause.