01 January 2013

Good Morning, it's 2013!

SO excited for a brand-new year of fundoshi-wearing, picture sharing, story swapping, and bringing new fundoshi fans into the fold!  Hope you had a great time last night, and I look forward to hearing from everyone about exciting new fundoshi experiences and discoveries this year, and also if you have any new pictures for this blog or for the reader gallery.

Thanks for helping making this site so much fun!


Anonymous said...

Had a fun night. Friend came over and took everything off. I put a string around his waist, nice and snug, and then took a very soft cloth thong and folded one end over the string over his waist, brought the rest of it between his legs and folded the other end over the string on the front nice and tight. I then reached around for the end on his bum, and pulled it down to make the thong even snuggier and tucked the end snug into his bum. Had wild hot caresses, and
figured he might like the feel of a very soft plastic sheet so put that on top of the cloth thong, and tucked it in. He kept moaning in delight.

Gave him a few sharp smacks on the bum to make it slightly beet red, then after turning him over fondled him caressing all over and massaging his bum (the end of the cloth was snug into his bum so imagine that feeling (!). Didn't take long for him to moan softly, quake a bit and... well.. a happy ending to a happy new year.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

That sounds excellent, way to show your friend a unique and wonderful time. Happy New Year!

Shy C said...

Happy New Year Ryan and all folks in F4A. It's have been great coming to enjoy your site once a while and getting updates of fellow fundoshi wearers & admirers. The best place to get consolidated info on my fave object of desire. Thanks for all your efforts and all the contributors, looking for more xxxciting stuffs tis year. Cheers to all.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Happy New Year ShyC! Definitely my favorite object of desire too. Pretty stoked to see more offerings from you and all the other members of the fundoshi community at large!

John said...

Happy New Year, Ryan and thanks for all of your work on this site to educate, enlighten and stimulate with all things fundoshi. Yesterday I began my second year of wearing nothing but fundoshi next to my skin. It is the perfect underwear, swimwear, loungewear, workoutwear and I hope to help many more learn about this lifestyle in 2013. I look forward to making more new friends and hanging out together.