03 January 2013

I Am A Fundoshi

I Am A Fundoshi

You drape me over your shoulder
And I feel the cool air move through my pores
As I descend 
Over the tanned muscle 
And gently trace your clavicle
And neck

I fall across your chest and stomach
Gently licking over
Your cinnabar rosebud nipple
 And you gather me in your hand
Twisting and coiling 
Drawing me over
The low-pitched twitches
Of your manhood

You pull me across the humming muscle-mound
Behind your quivering shaft
And I know you feel me
Brushing your velvety tip

Twisting and roping me
Drawing me upward
Tightening beneath you
Passing between you
Touching your shadows
Caressing your secrets

You loop me around you
Passing me over myself
Passing back under myself
Pulling me snug, cinching me tight
Releasing me to soft friction
Fabric fibers gripping and slipping
Finding their balance
I hold

Now I descend from your shoulder to your ankle
A soft fluttering arc through the air
Passing your trembling heart
Feeling your coursing blood
I'm touching your fevered flesh
Through the weave of my own flesh
Cotton white
Snow and blossoms

You pull me taut, over myself
Through and around and around
Myself, over and over myself
My shape takes form
Defining you and confining you
My form takes flight
Arousing and enticing you
My flight takes repose
Refreshing and seducing you 

You move within me
You grow and change
Within me
Within me
Within me
One with you
Within me
You and I
Within me 
Within me


John said...

I think that is the most erotic verse I have ever read. I was out of breath at the end. Thanks. That's really beautiful.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Thank you so much! I don't try to write poetry very often, it's been years really. I used to like to write a lot, and filled up notebooks with stuff.