01 July 2012

Summer 2012 Fundoshi Lesson!

It's been a while since we've had a nice how-to article about fundoshi basics, and with summer swinging into high gear and a surge in readership at Fundoshi 4 All, I'm guessing there's a lot of fundoshi-curious folks who would like to wrap themselves up in a cool length of cloth experience the refreshing, supportive, sensuous delicacies of this delicious garment.

It's not just underwear (though it subs in great for boxers, briefs, thongs, or jocks -- especially where a little extra support is needed), it can reduce your tan lines to the smallest area possible at more private, secluded, or understanding beaches; and fundoshi is extremely secure for more active pursuits like water skiing, diving, volleyball, or just horsing around on the beach with your buds.  A well-tied fundoshi is impervious to "wardrobe malfunctions!"

So, to get started, you need a 10-14 inch wide strip of the lightest weight fabric you can find.  This gauze cotton is fantastic, but in a pinch an old soft bed sheet torn lengthwise, or even some cheesecloth, will work wonderfully!  It should be about 8 feet long, or about 3 times your waist measurement.  Not critical -- you'll figure out the exact custom size for yourself with a minimum of trial and error.

What we're going to tie here is a rokushaku fundoshi.  This is far easier than a putting on a necktie.

 #1.  Toss about a third of the cloth over your shoulder.  You can also hold this in your teeth, it depends on your preference (or that of the partner watching you?)

If you were holding this third of cloth at your natural waist level, it should fall about to the top of your ankles.  Don't worry if it takes a couple tries to get the proportions just right -- practicing is fun!  It may help to use a mirror, or to have a friend whisper encouragements breathily in your ear while you tie on your new fundoshi.

Draw the rest of the cloth back between your legs, twisting it a little into a rope-like shape as you go.  Draw the cloth up between your buttocks, and to the right.  You're about to wrap it around your waist and form the "belt" in Step 2.

This second photo is really just Step 1 seen from the back.  But it gives me a little space to refine the directions I've written so far.

It pays to pull things snug.  There is no perfect tightness, but you don't want a fundoshi that's too loose -- it won't be comfortable, it won't keep its shape, and it probably won't stay on.  There will be days when you want it a little looser, though, i.e. for lounging and sunning.  There will be other days when you want it tighter, like if you're going to be running, hiking, swimming, etc.

You can leave the cloth that you pull around your waist flat if you'd like (and sometimes I do!), but it's customary to wind/twist it into a rope shape.  It adds a little grip to the fabric.  I usually start the twist directly behind my scrotum, which also thrusts my tackle outward a touch and makes a nice round thong of cloth that presses directly against the muscly, nerve-rich mound of my perineum.  So not only does this look good, but the gentle pressure on your "male G-spot" over the course of the day floods your mind with pleasure chemicals (and dirty thoughts!), which just makes the day nicer.  But flat is A-OK, too.

 #2.  Now you're drawing the cloth around your waist, from back to front.  This makes the pouch that holds your penis and balls, and forms the belt that holds the whole shooting match in place.

Keep twisting as you go.  Again, the amount of twist is a matter of taste -- and one of the endlessly customizable features of the fundoshi.  If you want, lay the belt flat and wide instead!

This doesn't act at all like the elastic waistband you're probably accustomed to.  Once tied, the fundoshi is held on by friction and very simple knotting.  It won't loosen on its own, or ride up, or fall down.  If you're swimming/showering/etc., the water causes the cloth to swell up a little and holds the fundoshi on even better!  The only way a fundoshi is going to come off is if you or your mate unravel it!

Here's what it looks like from behind.  You're going to wrap that belt portion that you're twisting all the way around yourself, counter-clockwise, so that you'll start and finish directly above the valley of your ass, at the base of your spine.

What you're going to do in the next step is pass the roped belt portion underneath itself.  But we'll get to that.

For now, just keep things snug as you wrap yourself up.  This is a two-handed operation, but it only takes a minute.  Once you get the hang of it you'll be tying fundoshis on in no time!  But it's OK to take it slow, reflect on what you're doing, and appreciate the sensations.  This is an ancient garment -- it's not in a hurry!
 #3.  Okay, now take that twisted belt, pass it under itself at the small of your back, and cinch it tight.  Again, tighten it to your taste.

Not too tight -- don't restrict blood flow or make fundoshi-wearing uncomfortable.  But remember, the fundoshi is held on by friction -- once fully tied, it pulls against itself evenly in all directions.

It will stay pretty much exactly as tight as you to tie it.  So tie it to feel good.  A little snugness is best, and looks best.

There's a saying in Japan, akin to "roll up your sleeves and get to work" or "prepare for battle."  It translates directly as "tighten up your fundoshi."  For the samurai, dock workers, and farmers that were the hardworking wearers of fundoshi over the last ten centuries, a well-tied, snug fundoshi was essential!

After you've cinched your fundoshi to a comfortable snugness, you can tuck what's left of the belt underneath itself for now as shown in this picture on the right.  You'll come back to this in a few steps.

Things are starting to take form, and probably feeling pretty unique too.  Arousal is pretty common when putting on a fundoshi, what with all that cloth slipping lightly against your nakedness, and while we're on that subject:  it's a good idea to tie the fundoshi with your penis pointing upwards, and/ or laying against your lower abdomen.

You can adjust yourself as you go, but when all is said and done, your cock should point up and your balls should flank it on either side.  That way the fundoshi will work with your erections instead of against them, and will avoid a lot of discomfort.
 #4.  Now, drop that part that's been over your sholder/between your teeth.  Just let it fall.  It will hand like a long apron, or like the loincloths we are more accustomed to seeing.  Once again, it should fall until it touches the tops of your ankles.

Do what the fellow in the picture is doing:  draw the portion you just dropped back between your legs, same as you did with the belt portion in the first step.  This will complete the front pouch.

I recommend twisting this, too, starting just behind your balls.  Here's where things start to get a little trickier, because the pictures aren't as clear.  But don't worry, it's easy.  I'll walk you through it.

Take this new portion you've just begun twisting, and pass it under and around the first part -- the "thong" portion of the belt that was the very first part of the fundoshi you created in Step 1.

Repeat this, passing the newer twisted thong around the older twisted thong at least 2 or 3 times.  Draw it upwards, pulling snugly, as you go.  This will feel pretty good, and will help define the front pouch.  If the pouch in front is well-formed, it will outline your cock -- especially an erect cock -- very nicely.  It will cradle your balls deliciously.  It will thrust everything forward imperceptibly.

(again, the twists are optional -- you could skip the last three paragraphs and move on to Step 5 and it'd be just fine.  But I find the twisting and looping I just described forms a more perfect fundoshi for me.  Personalize your fundoshi.)

Do what feels best for you.  Try both ways and see how they look and feel different.  I switch hit with these methods, so can you!
 #5.  Keep holding the newer thong portion, as shown above.  Use your other hand to untuck the first part of the belt, that you tucked under itself for safekeeping back in Step 3.

Pass the second thong over the first one, using each of your hands to pull them upward and get a good degree of snugness.  Then wrap each one around the belt:  the first portion goes to the left, the second portion goes to the right.

Each end should wrap around the belt at least 3 or 4 times.  In my experience, that results in the most symmetrical fundoshi.  Also, it is as secure as a bank vault.  Nothing short of you or your lover unwrapping the fundoshi (or scissors? Or really threadbare fabric giving way?) will compromise its integrity.  The twins are safe!

At this point you are essentially done.  Pull on your trousers and go to work.  Or flop down on a chaise lounge and catch a bronze.  Or crack open a beer.  Or take another length of fabric and wrap up the next closest person in a fundoshi.  Or just admire yourself in the mirror.  Snap a few pictures, but don't accidentally post them on your job's website, or e-mail them to exes, or anything like that.  Anthony Wiener, anyone?  Fundoshi can be intoxicating, but don't let it go to your head!

You can do pretty much anything you want while wearing a fundoshi.  Get used to the feeling of it.  For a lot of people, having something between your buttocks takes some getting used to, but I can truthfully say that within just a short time, it'll stop feeling strange and start feeling good.  You'll miss it when it's not there.
 From here on out, it's just refinement of your fully tied fundoshi.  Smooth the cloth of the front pouch if you want.  You (or your paramour) can pull upwards a little on the belt part on either side of it to make a narrower pouch, and to give it some pleasing lines and folds.  It can be slid entirely to the side, like a curtain on a rod, say if you want to urinate or if you want to let an erection spring free so you can do some of those things that people do with erect penises.

Let your imagination wander!

When you're done, just slide the cloth back over and adjust yourself.  Was I not serious -- a fundoshi will stay just as tight as you tied it, no matter what?  It makes a pretty nice, comfy post-coital wrap for afterglow-y cigarettes, joints, nightcaps, cuddles, etc.
Those little ends of cloth that stick out on either side of your fundoshi's belt, where you ran out of fabric after looping it those 3 or 4 times (Step 5)?  Those can just be tucked away and hidden into the twisted fabric for a neater appearance.  Easy.

Try on a fundoshi fresh off the ironing board on a chilly night for a luxurious, decadent experience.  Make it your after-shower garb for shaving and grooming.  Give your girlfriend or boyfriend a nice long massage in some orange candle light while modeling your fundoshi.  Stun the folks at the sauna.  Wear a secret bright red fundoshi under your business suit for that important meeting.  Take some grainy black-and-white pictures and pretend they're antique erotica.  Give people a mind-blowing answer to the "boxers or briefs" question.  Have fun at the fabric store personalizing your fundoshi collection.

Wearing fundoshi is a lot of things.  It's culturally enriching.  It's economically sustainable.  It's sexy.  It's kinky, even, in certain situations.  It's individualistic.  But mostly, it's just fun.

If you've never worn fundoshi before now, wear one around for a few hours and get used to it.  Untie it and retie it a few times until the comfort is just right.  Model it for a friend.  Or be all secretive and blush-y, if you'd rather.  You'll start to understand the simplicity of it, and a lot of questions and doubts will melt away.  Also, you'll feel hot as a pistol.

Have a great time wearing your fundoshi this summer!  I hope you get lots of stories and memories out of what many think of as just a humble loincloth.

If you need more details or tips about wearing your fundoshi, check here for a treasure-trove of information.


John said...

That is an excellent and well thought out "course" in Fundoshi 101. This will really get someone new to this started and help free up the creativity. Something amazing happens after you get a fundoshi right the first time. It's a feeling of accomplishment as well as one of being unique. This entry is a perfect starting point.

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

I think a refresher course is good every once in a while, and one of the things I often come across while scouring the web for new fundoshi-related content is step-by-step how to diagrams.

That inspired this post, as did our recent surge in readership. Fundoshi 4 All is averaging 1200 hits a day! Not bad with everything else going on on the internet.

John said...

I think a lot of guys are curious about fundoshi and I'm one of those who found your blog and got a real benefit from it when I was looking around. "We" may not be so out on the fringes as I once thought. A fundoshi has it all over commercial underwear and it's multi-purpose as swimwear and loungewear, yet at a bargain price too. I've also noticed that the wide waistbands now being used to advertise a brand name on guys tend to roll even on skinny guys and a fundoshi just ties on very naturally to fit where it should and is comfortable all day. In time this may take over. THe increasing number of hits here is an indication of growing interest and that's fantastic.

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

I couldn't agree more! There's definitely more people curious about fundoshi than I ever imagined, and more people actively into fundoshi than I ever dared hope.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is thank you for this. I have also been interested in loincloth wearing since I was little. This is the first time that I have made a Fundoshi today and I am wearing it secretley around my family reunion. I LOVE IT!!

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

That's wonderful! Welcome to the fold. Tell us how you liked it!

Anonymous said...

Alguna vez viendo videos de la cultura Japonesa, me encontre con el fundoshi, este desperto mi interes y empece a consultar mas del tema, hasta que logre encontrar imagenes y una muy acertada acerca de las medidas que este debe tener, asi que me anime fuy a la tienda de telas y compre un metro de tela de algodon, yo mismo corte la tela y empece, apoyandome con videos que encontre en youtube,logre hacer el amarrado de mi 1 fundoshi, costo un poco y ver varias veces y repetir el proceso, hasta que lo hice, lo encontre definitvamente muy comodo, y asi como relatan algunos comentarios me senti orgulloso de haberlo hecho, ahora lo utilizo seguidamente, generalmente cuando estoy en casa, despues de una ducha, atar un fundoshi, y acostarte a descanzar o hacer algo en la computadora. saludos desde Bucaramanga, Colombia.

Ever watching videos of Japanese culture, I found the fundoshi, this piqued my interest and I began to see more of the subject, until you can find pictures and a very successful on measures that should have, so I encourage fuy to the fabric store and buy a yard of cotton fabric, myself and started cutting the fabric, supporting me with videos I found on youtube, get done tying up my 1 fundoshi, cost a bit and see several times and repeat the process , until I did, I found it very comfortable definitively establishing and relate well as some comments I felt proud of having done so, now I use it then, usually when I'm home, after a shower, tie a fundoshi, and lie to descanzar or do something on the computer. Greetings from Bucaramanga, Colombia.

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

Welcome! It's so nice to hear from South America!