04 July 2012

Happy 4th of July/Hump Day

It's a holiday no matter how you look at it, and holidays are best spent in some state of heightened undress!  I think you know what my recommendation will be...

Also, thank you so much everyone who's been sending along great links, pics, and stories!  You make this blog so great. Check the "You" page for some awesome, fundoshi-wrapped new reader photos!

There are fireworks going off in my libido, and a red rocket pushing on the twisted waistband of my favorite fundoshi, which is a little damp from the heat and a slippery dollop of prostatic man-moisture that has weeped out of my cock slit.  I'm enjoying some iced tea out of a sweating glass tumbler, feeling a surge of patriotic fervor, and looking forward to swimming and drinks later with some friends and family.  Hope everyone enjoys a safe and ecstatic Independence Day!

Show your personal independence by twisting a fundoshi around your hips.

No matter how it starts, it always ends like this:

Here's hoping your 4th does too!  After some fun and a few cold ones, you should celebrate your freedom to frolic in a fundoshi: get sweaty and turned on, and cum freely with the company of your choice!

I'm happy we are as free as we are, but we're not all the way there yet!  I pledge to work for freedom and equality for everyone: freedom of love, freedom of expression, and freedom of choice.


John said...

I am enjoying this holiday wearing only a burgundy gauze fundoshi. We have friends coming by later and at least two of the guys will be wearing fundoshi once they get here. The women refer to this as "turning (us) out to play" and they seem to enjoy watching playful males not wearing much. I don't have much leakage going on because I've already been called upon to perform my duties once already, but things are getting tight again. :)

Enjoy the Fourth in as little as possible, carefully and uniquely tied on!

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

So, ShyC -- that's you above the guy with the iPhone! Aha! Excellent, I love those pictures. Those burgundy ones are among my very favorites.

Shy C said...

Hmm... so now we are playing, "spot-ShyC", are we? hahaha. Thanks, for the compliments. Indeed that is me here on this entry and if you would permit me to advertise my all new blog for easy access to my latest creation of a cross between Rokushaku and Etchū. http://randompixs-innerbeauties.blogspot.sg/2012/07/cross-breed-fundoshi.html. Let me know what you think of it?

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

I got a chance to check that out! I think it looks great. I makes me think of Kuroneko fundoshi, but I like the cut of it that you made a lot better. Looking forward to more posts like these!

Shy C said...

Thanks for the info, so there is such a fundoshi. I only hear of Rokushaku and Etchū, goggle Kuroneko fundoshi after you mention it. I only did that cos I couldn't find any spare cloth to make into a fundoshi so had to 'sacrifice' part of my shirt. Luckily the shirt was big enough... hahaha