28 June 2012

...But is it a Fundoshi?

Even in cases where the answer is technically (or even emphatically) no, these variations on the site's theme are definitely eye-magnets.

Reminds me fondly of my early days making a Tarzan outfit with a shoelace and a chamois cloth, or red handkerchief loincloths tied at the corners, or arranging a bath towel around my hips in different ways: standing in front of the bathroom mirror, trying out various configurations, cutting up old underwear and t-shirts with scissors, discovering my dad's bikini briefs and packs of condoms in his dresser, even taping together some diapers I'd snitched from my church's nursery to make one that would fit my teenage hips...

Who hasn't fashioned a home-made loincloth at some point?

...many of these following images come to us courtesy of zzzdragon, a fellow loincloth connoisseur who has a great tumblr site full of all sorts of loincloths: pakawmas, fundoshis, and more.  If it can be artfully draped around your hips, zzzdragon has probably catalogued it!



 ...Other images come to us from the world of fine art:




 ...And yet more arrive via Hollywood, Bollywood, and other less notorious film houses...



  ...Let's face it, the fascination with the loincloth is fairly universal!  Those who scoff usually sport a secret flush, or a subliminal tingle at least.  Think about it -- every time you see or even think of a loincloth, you can almost feel yourself wearing one.  That happens to everyone!  From playing Cowboys and Indians as kids and always wanting to be the Indian to admiring yourself in the mirror wrapped in a bath towel, this most basic item of coverage is so much more than the concession to modesty or climate that costume historians have dismissed it as.  

Fundoshi is but one "twist" on an ancient primal design: a cache-sexe to "provide an increment in the viewer's sexual arousal" (wikipedia), to be sure, but also a carefully executed arrangement of fabric or leather to keep the wearer and/or viewer present within that increment.  Whether it's BVDs or a fig leaf, men love to wear it, women and men alike love to fantasize and fetishize about it, and cultures with less body issues and less sexual repression celebrate it (or at least treat it as a practical, daily matter of course).

The loincloth has been here longer than written history.  It is burned into our psyches (especially that Ted Nugent picture, sorry about that one, eek!).  Rather than something to giggle over, relegate to the covers of romance novels, or even legislate against -- it's something we should wear, feel, and share.

It just takes a little daring.


shychina2011 said...

Thanks again for featuring me so prominently on your blog enter. So tat's where you got most of my other pixs from... Zzzdragon does have a great collection and I missed tying him up hahaha.

John said...

These dramatic variations say something that is the core of fundoshi. They speak to individualism and how we may choose the same type of garment but wear it differently. Forty strips of cloth may be identical but when the wearer ties it on, it becomes unique, much mores than anything manufactured to have a certain fit or look. Even the Japanese who treasure the oneness of their culture down to how they dress, look, live and even eat show a wide variation when wearing what is essentially the same garment. It's conformity with individualism. It's a club where once inside, members can express themselves under the broader umbrella that includes all of them.

For me, it's about freedom and practicality. It's about tying my fundoshi differently one morning just because I want to. It's about feeling sexy and virile and about defining my own look and sexuality on my terms. We all have to conform in various ways to be part of a society but how we tie a piece of cloth to us for protection, comfort and sexual expression is our own unique voice.

The first time I tied on a fundoshi (after some experimentation), I felt a little weird because I was stepping outside a circle which is pre-defined. I wasn't wearing Brand X like everyone else. I ripped a piece of cloth and used it to decorate myself. As the "new" wore off and I realized this was definitely for me, it became by daily self expression. I change the way I tie it for fun. If I'm hanging by the pool, I want bigger, bulkier twists in the back and low up front to focus on my package. Yes, look at me. I'm not ashamed! Quite the contrary.

I'm a lot more open now about sex and sexuality. I am better in bed. I am free from the conventions imposed by others.

Tim said...

It's been quite a while since I've had net access which allowed me to post a comment, but it's now nearly a year that I've been living life as a fundoshi-san, and it's been an interesting journey from purchassed fabric to variations in style, round to re-purposing vintage bed linen. I can't say that I find the fudoshi as homo-erotic as others, but have always enjoyed the articles and camaraderie that the blog has allowed and created :) These variations on the loincloth are fascinating to see, with picture 15 showing a truly baffling/intriguing method. As always, fantastic work :)

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

Tim! It's so nice to hear your "voice!" I've been hoping you'd stop by the blog, I really value your perspective on things. How's life in fundoshi?

Tim said...

Life's been pretty quiet, but for the most part good, thanks :) I've still not been able to find any geometric patterened fabric like some of the Japanese fundoshi, but have found a few fabrics which were quite cool :) I hope life's been treating you well too :)

chris said...

I agree with Tim, number 15 is truly inspirational as well as hot to look at! This new collection for yours adds a bit of spice to things and variations on a theme. While I love the fundoshi for comfort and practicality I do sometimes wonder what happened to the old fashioned posing pouch? It would stand a come back I'm sure just as a modesty item.
Have just returned from France, lucky enough to have a couple of days of sunshine and so was able to get on the beach in my fundoshi. Wore it tight up the bum crack (and yes it really will hold a butt plug in place) and high on the groin. Must say I got more than a few admiring looks before I got into conversation and ended up giving my new found friend a demonstration - think he could be hooked.

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

That's excellent Chris! Thanks for taking things international.

I recently did an interview with a French gay website http://www.tetu.com/ about the resurgence of interest in fundoshi. I'm looking forward to it getting published in the next few months.