19 March 2011

Appearances in Anime

Fundoshi occupies an unique role in anime/manga, film, television, and art. Since fundoshi is a well-recognized part of Japanese traditional culture, wearing fundoshi -- and only fundoshi -- "is actually in relatively better taste than a speedo, despite actually exposing more skin than a speedo," according to the website tvtropes.org.

In much manga and anime, this aspect of fundoshi is utilized for Fanservice -- "gratuitous display of characters in skimpy clothing, or none at all, under the assumption that it will attract or "reward" viewers. This, of course, is excellent news for the fundoshi enthusiast:


Francisco said...

I am very fond of the manga, I like more than the anime .... Gantz and Naruto recommend :-)

Is seen on bathhouses and even in the fight.

I feel a lot what this country is suffering ... the least I can wish

RB Horizon said...

The reactions from my co-workers as I yesterday stated my preference for fundoshi over tightie whities were mixed to say the least.
After explaining the fundoshi itself in words they could understand (basically calling it a samurai thong) they split in three groups: "hmm that sounds interesting", "you are sooo messed up" and finally "seems like a lot of hassle for undies". I mastered tying it on with my first try :) need to buy fabric though, my trial piece is to heavy an warm… also ~1 shaku too short.

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

Good for you for the bravery to even bring the subject up! I have to say, being worn in Japan for 1,000 years, fundoshi has been around many times longer than any other type of underwear -- so it must have something going for it! Try the lightest weight, softest cotton you can find. My very first fundoshi was made out of an old, almost blown-out bedsheet, and it was (and still is) very very comfortable.