15 March 2011

More Traditional Fundoshi


Francisco said...

Great as always :-)
I'm thinking about working in my massage practice with a red fundoshi.
Greetings fellow.

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

I think fundoshi and massage would go quite well together!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the fundoshi feels as comfortable as it looks. My husband and a friend of his tried wearing fundoshi at a party and though they followed the instructions there were a few very embarrassing malfunctions. But I don't think they were worse than the malfunction that appear in the fourth photo (second man from the left). My husband and his friend complained that in order to avoid malfunctions they had to wear fundoshi very tight and this bothered them especially between the legs.

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

Good for them for trying! But it is true, a loosely tied fundoshi is less, err, protective of the goods. I think the key is finding a comfortable snugness, where the various parts of the fundoshi all pull against each other and that's what helps keeps its shape. It takes a little practice to get the hang of it.

That said, I do enjoy a looser fundoshi for sleeping in.