08 April 2011

The Artwork of Hideki Koh

Hideki Koh is a Japanese artist working in paint, drawing, and sculpture. Using a graceful, traditionally inspired style, Koh's work ranges from gently erotic to highly explicit. You can learn more about Hideki Koh by visiting his official website, http://hidekikoh.cool.ne.jp/

Below is a selection of Koh's works, both oils and drawings, that include the fundoshi. I was impressed by the fine line detail and attentively contoured bodies -- not to mention the carefully rendered fundoshi!

While being a fundoshi-phile can certainly be sensuous or even downright raunchy, it's nice to elevate the experience of wearing fundoshi (and seeing it on others) by experiencing artistic impressions of this simple -- even humble -- garment. Koh distinguishes the fundoshi by settling it on the hips of lovingly-drawn characters in passion-infused scenarios. His work is a beautiful entry into the proud tradition of artistic erotica.

[see many more of Koh's artworks, after the jump!]

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