03 July 2018

Fundoshi Ressurection!

My apologies for the long absence! Back in April, the blog stopped working. I could upload all I wanted, but the blog would neither save nor publish. It was very frustrating. It still is frustrating... in fact this is just a test post to see if my temporary workaround solution.

This represents the longest gap in fundoshi posts since I started the blog eight years ago, and I have missed delivering great fundoshi-themed content to a worldwide audience. As soon as I can work out the publishing glitch, I pledge to get back on track with weekly posts. There's certainly an abundance of superb fundoshi related content coming from the four corners of the globe nearly every day!

While I wrangle with blogger, I've made sure the Fundoshi 4 All tumblr churns out daily content. So if you're in need of a fundoshi fix, check here: http://fundoshi4all.tumblr.com

Thank you for your patience and support, and check out some of my recent fundoshi finds after the jump!

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