10 January 2017

Reader Submissions; JC and more ShyC!

It's with great pleasure that I present 2017's first reader submissions! We're featuring some black-and-whites from JC, a reader I've been getting to know over the last year or so. His background is in art and textiles, and he's turned his skills to creating fundoshi and other traditional loincloths. He sent me some pictures modelling his handmade creations. These reminded me that even though a person wears a fundoshi (or langot, as the case may be), the fundoshi wears the person too. He has perfect body hair and a lean well-knit frame that showcases his fabric creations in an exquisite manner. It quickens my pulse every time!

After JC's photo set, we'll see some more from the exquisite ShyC.

[ ...I also went back to last week's "Best of 2016" entry, which was posted in a rush, and added names to the photo sets. I'm in the process of adding tags to every reader submission so it's easier to navigate and see all of each reader's submissions. ]

OK, enough boring editorializing, let's get to the pictures! First, here is JC wearing etchū fundoshi:

Next, he tries his hand at sewing India's wrestler's short, the langot. It looks fantastic wrapped onto his lightly-furred musculature and cinched around his toned masculine contours.

Below is a variation with a different fabric... I like this final photo very much!

ShyC returns this week in a bright red fundoshi and clamped nipples, presenting a series of images he shot for New Years. Some of the original photos are also altered to create artistic variations, looking like paintings or woodcuts. I love this creative twist on the simple erotic act of tying up a fundoshi!

A red fundoshi or red underwear is often worn for good luck. What better color to wear on New Years Eve/New Years Day? I hope everyone's year is off to a good start!

 I like the little flourishes of extra expression that went into this last images, with its gritty textures and expressive touches of warm color:

I hope you found this as arousing and inspiring as I did... and that you're excited about submitting some fundoshi images of your own! Presenting original content is by far the most rewarding thing about blogging for me.

As always, I ask that everyone respect the creators of these images and don't re-post these photos without permission from the authors. It's OK to post a link to this article though. Share the fundoshi love, we are going to need all the love we can get in 2017!


Joshua Beta said...

W o W
ShyC is so sexy!! :D
And I love his clothes. :D

Shy C said...

Thanks Joshua. And thanks Ryan, love the way you layout the blog. Must learn a thing or two from JC, his finished products looks very professionally done, almost like store bought. The b/w feel gives it a very polish look. I almost want to feel the material of his loins. Lol