17 January 2017

Fundoshi Fine Art: Hideki Koh

I've posted about Hideki Koh before, and with good reason: his exquisite line drawings, paintings, and sculpture are redolent with eroticism and male sensuality. Here are some favorites of mine that feature fundoshi:


In addition to his incredibly lifelike paintings and drawings, which look like they could start breathing at any moment, Hideki Koh also is a highly skilled sculptor. His doll-scale figures often feature fundoshi as well as incredible attention to detail and fiercely seductive mood.

1 comment:

Joshua Beta said...

Awww...!! <3
So cute, so sexy, so kinky!! <3
He reminds me of myself when I was young. :P
I'd love to look like him instead, being young again and wearing that clothes!! :D