27 December 2016

Reader Submissions: ShyC and Samuel

Fundoshi4All! probably wouldn't have been around this long without an amazing support network of fundoshi enthusiasts from all over the globe. A long time ago when this was just a fledgling blog and I wasn't sure if I would be able to find others interested in fundoshi, a few people stepped forward and shared their experiences and stories, along with original content they had created. ShyC has been along on this journey with me for several years now. Like me, he makes a lot of his own fundoshi. He also creates original undergarments and fetish gear out of re-purposed fabric and other items. A creative, kinky mind sits on his sexy shoulders!

I'm pleased to share a trove of images he sent me earlier this month! Included with the fundoshi pictures are a couple of his handmade creations. The last image is a dark blue langot he made. I think everyone knows how fascinated I am with langots! Following ShyC's photos are some spectacular images of another reader, Samuel.

This is also the last scheduled post for 2016. I hope everyone will have a wonderful new year! I look forward to sharing more with you in 2017.

Next on the menu are six delectable photos by Samuel, a friend from France I met via the website USG Online, a community for men who love underwear, jock straps and nowadays more and more fundoshi! Samuel has taken to fundoshi wearing and has a sensuous natural body shown off perfectly by this ancient Japanese creation.

The eroticism is palpable. If you're like me, you want to bury your face in each one of these images! 


That last image...! Wow. I'm not going to lie, I stare at that one with my mouth hanging open. A superbly erotic and masculine image. I can't stop staring.

See everyone next year! Have a happy and safe New Year, and thank you so much for being a part of Fundoshi 4 All! in 2016.

As always, please honor the owners of these images by asking them prior to any use of their photos. They are reproduced here by kind permission, which I am very grateful for.


Joshua Beta said...

ShyC's photos are...

So cute, so sexy, so kinky!!! :D

I'd love to have a body like hims, wearing clothes like hims, and having such a kind of fun taking photos of myself in such poses. xD

unkljim said...

Shy China always gets my motor running!

Shy C said...

Thanks for the compliments guys. As for me I rather enjoyed Samuel Picts. Love the clever play of colour contrasts against his tan bod. The spot of red pop right at you against the black and white. The high white verses the thick dark fur and tan skin. Beautiful compositions with the colour balances. Likewise the last Picts does make one drop his jaw, but in my case, that thick fur more caught my attention more.

Once again, compliments to Ryan for working hard in keeping this blog alive. It's my source of go to for inspiration and uplifting.

TO all fellow loin lovers, Happy 2017.