23 August 2016

Meet The Readers: Lan and SG Neo, Part 2

This week I'd like to feature more reader submissions. I hope these two excellent photo sets will trigger a wave of new entries of readers wearing their fundoshi!

First this week is Lan, who has shared these images of his sensuous body tucked into various white and patterned fundoshi. He and I have developed a friendship over the last several months across a great distance, united by our love of fundoshi. I think it's easy to see his sexiness in these images, but I'd like to add that what's inside his body is just as appealing. There's several more images of Lan after the page break!

Remember SG Neo from last week's post? In addition to the well-photographed, sensual color images he sent me, he also included some very striking black-and-white images. I wouldn't mind a frames set of these monochromes! These are excellent studies of a well-formed man wrapped in a classic white fundoshi:

Another wonderful group of photos from two handsome men in their fundoshi! Thank you to Lan and SG Neo for the privilege of sharing these images.

This should go without saying, but don't repost their photographs elsewhere without consent from the image owners; this includes on other blogs or social media. It's not polite. If you would like others to see these images, simply share a link to this post or a +1 instead!


cet91 said...

Wow, the shower pictures of Lan are amazing!

Shy C said...

As always, great blog Ryan. Always inspiration to come by your blog. It never fails to lift up my mood and always something interesting for me to learn. After all this years of reading your blog, I am still excited when ever there are new entries. Not just because your reader submissions are huge but also because you write beautiful on how you look at their works.

Must compliment Lan for his efforts. It is obvious it is not just a simple snap shot, he usually will take the trouble to accessories to match his fundoshi. Can tell that he love them very much. It had been a eye opener when he was posting his stuff for zdrgn. Always look forward to his postings as he have many wonderful ideas. Almost like cos play at times and I definately love that kind of effects. Well done Lan!

Having seen Sg Neo last week and this, I am impress at his visually stunning play with shadows and lights. Great photographic skills and good eye in capturing the beauty of the forms. Have always love watching this kind of images too. Almost sensual in it's subtle ways. When maximize to poster sizes, I am sure it could be a stunning sight to behold along a corridor. Impressive SgNeo!