21 June 2016

Fundoshi On YouTube

This week I've assembled a collection of fundoshi videos. Seeing the fundoshi in action, especially being tied on, not only helps if you're refining your own technique, it is also uniquely thrilling and gently sensuous all on its own! 1) First off, an enthusiastic vlogger gets a fundoshi tied on!

Seven more videos after the break!

2) Here's an excellent helpful video by Fundoshi-taro, who sells fundoshi on eBay: http://stores.ebay.com/Fundoshi-Japan

3) Readers have asked about the chest wrap often seen paired with fundoshi in festival settings or traditional Shinto festivals. Up next is a video that very clearly demonstrates a tying technique for this style... and also very clearly demonstrates why it takes two people! It's almost mesmerizing watching the layers of wrap get pulled tightly around this subject's abdomen.

4) Here's a great demonstration of how to tie the shimekomi, a thicker and more protective variation of the fundoshi worm by sumo wrestlers and other athletes. The shimekomi may not be as sleek as the fundoshi, but it is essential gear for these athletes to prevent hernias and other strains. We've touched on the shimekomi before, and I hope to devote more future posts to this robust garment.

5) Here's a video of guys getting fundoshi tied on them from 2012. A person can tie a fundoshi on themself, but this video is just one more example of how fundoshi is a communal bonding mini-ritual. The clothes and the ego are symbolically stripped away, and the wearer submits to the fundoshi expert wrapping their body.

6) Next up, a comely gaijin gets some hands-on tips for tying a fundoshi in preperation to carry the heavy shrine of the Torigoe Matsuri.

7) This looks like an entry into an ad contest for Red Bull, which despite that ulterior motive still makes fundoshi the star!

8) This last video is about a half hour long, and a light hearted look into a fundoshi-fitting on some fit males, all done in a circle of laughter and lightheartedness. There's almost certainly alcohol involved... and with a sassy cameraman too! Sturdy guys change out of their underwear into fundoshi, generally put on by a helper. Watch close for some good tying tips! Some of these guys wear their fundoshi really low, some in a more traditional way. There's some rather intimate pubic hair trimming, public displays of fundoshi, and a couple glimpses of casual nudity. There's a fairly hilarious segment where they chant and exhibit theselves to the women... who mostly cover their eyes!

The amount of levity in this video makes me long for some sort of stateside fundoshi brotherhood!

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