24 May 2016

Meet The Readers: Nenja and Bruno Part 2

Everyone knows my favorite posts are reader submissions! Last week we got a great batch of photos from Bruno. This week we have a brand new batch of photos from Nenja, in blue this time and showing off some impressive tackle... and we have a second set of photos from Bruno, this time of a more rawly explicit sort!

Let's start with these great images from Nenja:

You can see an earlier set of pictures from him here. Read on to see his newest set after the break!

As hinted at in last week's post, Bruno from France included a trove of stunningly sexy shots combining a creative approach to fundoshi, a droplet of BDSM, and an obvious state of physical excitement that comes right through the photographs and kindles ardor in the viewer, too!

Bruno included photos of a garment he assembled himself, based on the idea of a fundoshi/shimekomi, but incorporating some lace fabric for a dramatic and revealing style! One of the things I love about fundoshi is there are over a hundred tying variations based on region in Japan and spilling out into other South Pacific nations. Even with all that variety, people can still come up with new ways to tie and enjoy fundoshi!

Excellent picture sets! I truly look forward to doing more reader features like this one. You can always contact me with your own submissions here.

This should go without saying, but don't repost these images elsewhere without consent from the image owner. It's not polite, and rather than acting underhanded and furtive you could be helping Fundoshi4All out by simply making a link to these posts instead! Share the love, don't steal the flame.

Enough fine print! I'm guessing your eyes glazed over and you scrolled back up to look at the pictures again already, anyway.

Can't wait to post more fundoshi goodness for you next week!


saint ruben said...

It is very erotic and vulgar do not see it, these pictures make you want me to use a fundshi

Shy C said...

WOW, 3 of my fave things, Fundoshi, mild SM and rings. LOVE them, love them, love them. Very Sexy and Hot. I love how Nenja added the white lace. The nipple rings and weights are erotic and sensual on Bruno and love the way he adapted his take on the loins. very creative. Looking forward to more from them. Thanks for sharing them guys.