12 January 2016

Unplanned Post

It seems nearly everyone on the planet had a friend in Bowie, a man who fearlessly and publicly introduced us to new things. He brought his sincerity into everything he did. Enclosed are some photos from his award winning portrayal of John Merrick in the play The Elephant Man.

Here is a very illuminating interview from that 1980 including some rare excerpts from the Broadway production of the play.

I've also include some photos of Bowie wearing one of the famous knit outfits designed for him by Kansai Yamamoto during his Ziggy Stardust period. It's nothing like a fundoshi but it reflects Bowie's gender-crossing visual appeal.

Wearing a loincloth or a knit catsuit, or for that matter a dress, David humanized and publicized the many and various roles he inhabited. He painted, he wrote, he read, he acted and sang. He lost a decade by his own admission to drugs. He spoke eloquently on behalf of many marginalized communities. He even made me feel more normal! On top of that, he wrote scores of amazing songs over a recording career spanning forty years. If you listen, these songs question many of our accepted truths about life as it is and burn with moments of intense humanity.

David Bowie pushed the envelope and I am very grateful for his work. He also quite clearly had fun doing it. I hope we can all catch a ray of his scattered light.

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