05 January 2016

Let's Start 2016 Off Right!

Happy New Year!

Let's start 2016 off right, with great fundoshi images from all over the world!

I also like to start a new year off with a call for requests: is there anything anyone would like to see, or see more of? I'll try to work it in!


Queso Azul said...

A happy new year 2016 !!
There are always not only attractive highlights as to fundoshi but how showy manhood can be when we put it on.
I get a real hard on each and every entries I read on. Gotta find myself something tightens up, yeah !
Keep spreading loincloth world !!

mahasikhari said...

Great start to the year. Happy New Year to all in this community. Looking forward to the unique dialogue between us in the coming year.

This is the best site for breaking down the barriers of egocentric tribal culture I have seen, because it highlights a basic aspect of the individual human body and the jivatma (individual soul) within in a way that allows expression without fear.

What ever your views (sexual, sensual, artistic, psychological, cultural or spiritual etc) I encourage you to participate this community in the spirit of loving affection - this is the way to achieving peace in a world that seems to lack it right now.