22 December 2015

2015 Reader Submissions Revisited

For me the best part of operating this blog!

2015 was a banner year for outstanding picture submissions and for getting to know other fundoshi-wearers a little better. I think it's very worthwhile to take a look back at a few pics from each submission, starting with Joseph.

Paul submitted two sets of wonderful shadow pictures, a playful erotic quality enhanced by the warm moody lighting.

I got to know JC a little more this year, and if you're out there J I'm positive readers would love to see more of you!

Like me, he makes his own fundoshi. He also makes his own langots (shown below in back view).

Alan at Fundoshi Fabric & Photos spent the year experimenting with lighting and digital processing, resulting in striking image after striking image. One of the best parts about his blog is the step-by-step revelation of his Photoshop methods. I've learned a lot from him -- when I can tear my eyes away from his fundoshi-wrapped, nicely furred body!

Sometimes Alans's fundoshi photos verge on the abstract. I love the one below. This would look great framed on the wall of my study:

I went on a trip this past summer that included some quality time in the woods. Here are a few favorite shots from that.

Hervé submitted some excellent pictures, another reader I'd love to see more pics of!

Nenja submitted a couple rounds of highly erotic images, drawing the curtain aside so to speak.

Svadisthana continues to send amazing images, here's just a taste from recently.

From ShyC we receive some playful, sexy season's greetings!

 I'll take the one on the right!

And in closing, these images aren't truly submissions, I solicited these from artist Felix d'Eon. Here he and his assistant Samuel de Morenos get playful in fundoshi and masks, part of a longer series. It seemed like the perfect way to end this post!


Thank you everyone who made 2015 such an amazing and unique year! It's been great receiving messages from so many readers, too. Thank you all for the encouragement, feedback, and conversation!

If you'd like to see more of these and other readers, check out the Reader Gallery as well as any posts I've tagged "reader submissions." Here you will find links to their web sites too. I am truly looking forward to discovering even more fundoshi enthusiasts in 2016.

If you'd like to submit photos, stories, or just connect, here are some ways to contact me. I would love to see more of all of you! I apologize that the tumblr is still malfunctioning.

(And finally, please do not post these photos elsewhere without permission from the owners. Do feel free to post links to the blog, however. Share the wealth -- but don't take credit for it.)

Hope you are having a great month! Happy Holidays!



Shy C said...

It's always a pleaseant surprise when I get to this blog and it never fails to life up my spirits. Thanks Ryan for the hard work and to all for sharing their love for the attire as well. I wish all reader a Happy 2016 and may you all have good health and many more experiences to share. Cheers all. Xoxo Shyc.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

It is an honor and pleasure to share your pics and creativity and to see how this small community keeps growing to include more and more interesting people. Happy 2016 to you!

Sabin said...
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