03 March 2015

Meet The Readers: Joseph and Part II of Paul

My very favorite kind of post is reader submission posts! There's nothing more gratifying than knowing someone else has begun to wear a fundoshi. Thanks to these two readers, one seen here for the first time (Joseph) and the other a repeat feature (Paul) with brand new images.


"I made the fundoshi through instruction I found through your blog. I have a couple different patterns I should do another set with the different patterns. What do you think?"

Joseph is completing a traditional Japanese tattoo 3/4 suit.

"I started the major work of my suit in 2009, it's a mix of Tibetan iconography into a traditional japanese suit. Will continue the shorts and finish the front piece. Junii is the artist."

Paul's latest series continues the mood-lit darkness and air of mystery of his first batch of submissions, but amps up the eroticism a bit. It's hard not to get caught up in his evident excitement... and why struggle?

I love receiving shots like these, and it's an honor to debut them here! If anyone else would like to drop me a private message or submit some pictures, here's my contact info.

Thank you for the distinction of sharing these with the wide world of fundoshi enthusiasts!

Now who else out there in cyberspace has some great fundoshi self-pics? Let's see them! I truly look forward to your submissions.


Shy C said...

Love the ink on Joseph. The Fundoshi and inks goes very well. Love to see all the patterns that you have Joseph. Thanks for sharing them.
Paul's erotic posting is urm... Erotic. Would love to learn how he took those. Did he used special photography lightings? Nice mood. And great compositions.

Paul said...

Dear Shy C,
Thanks for comment.
I didn't use any special equipment. It was just a bedside led lamp as a kind of spot light. All you need is a camera with manual mode and some essential experience in graphic soft.
Remote control for camera is a good idea ;)

Unknown said...

Shy C,
I will be submitting another series with a help from a photographer friend. I want to move outdoors and get a couple other of my patterns on me was well. just bought a new one that I can´t wait to show off.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

I'm really loooking forward to part 2 of Joseph and part 3 of Paul! When I first started blogging about fundoshi, what I wanted the most was to find others interested in wearing fundoshi. Every time someone new e-mails me or sends me pics, it's a thrill. Thank you both so much!

Shy C said...

Wow now I can't wait too for the extend serious from them. Sound interesting already!

Thanks Paul for the tips, good to know only a bedside lamp is needed, unfortunately don't have a digital manual camera. Currently using a mobile or iPad if my simple digital run out of batt. I try to do this effect before with no success. They are not in fundoshi theme but have always love this mood of photography.

Wow always thot fundoshi was more an Asian thing, very surprise that a manly guy like Joseph is so into it too. And the outdoor bit just sent excitement all thru me. Rather taboo where I come from. Hahaha