02 September 2014

Meet The Readers: Dolivier and CW BK!

Fundoshi 4 All! boasts a readership that isn't just interested in fundoshi, they're fundoshi wearers too! It's my mission here to find other fundoshi wearers and introduce new people to the fundoshi, to create a community that wears and shares this simple, noble swath of fabric. I'd like to present two of our readers in all their glory: Dolivier and CW BK.




(as always, please don't copy or re-post these photos without permission from the owners. Feel free to +1 or link to this post if you'd like to share it somewhere else, though.)

1 comment:

Shyc said...

Warm welcome to them. The classic all white seems to be all time favorite among all the fundoshi wearers. Like how Dolivier tied his so casually and loose without having it all twisted up. And the very first pict of CW BK reflected in the glass against the building backdrop is visually imaginative. Showing just a hint of his fundoshi under his pants. Beautiful collections. Hoping to we more of them in the near future. Keep it up.