15 July 2014

Guest Post, by John!

"I have had an interest in Asia for some time.  I’ve been to several countries in south east Asia but not to Japan, so far.  I was reasonably familiar with the Indian langot and knew about fundoshi and etchu from movies and books about Japan and the second World War.  The prisoners, mostly British and Australian, who worked on the Burma railway wore etchu (so did the Japanese soldiers).  There were plenty of pictures in books.

I have a 31 inch waist and generally prefer to wear brief undies.  I was shown how to tie a fundoshi years ago but had forgotten until I was reminded by your own web site.  Your tip about shredding material gave me the idea about getting some muslin.  It worked really well and was very cheap.  I then decided to try the red and the grey shiny materials.  They also are very cheap, about EUR 2.00 per metre.  I think they are nylon of some sort, definitely synthetic.  Several other colours are available.  I know you say silk would not work but I think it might.  I’d like to try it, but silk is fairly expensive and I haven’t tried it yet.  I was looking at a fabric that has some lycra in it also and will probably get it some time."


"For me, a little over 2 metres (say 78 inches) is plenty long enough and 18 centimetres / 7 inches is wide enough in the shiny nylon, maybe another inch or so in the muslin.  I find if it is wider I just have too much fabric around my crotch and balls.  I think 35 cm / 14 inches is much too wide, just my opinion.  A fat guy would need it longer."


"I think the colourful shiny materials look much better than the muslin.  It is a matter of aesthetics and personal preference.  The muslin is more comfortable most of the time.  Wearing it in a social situation depends on bravery, acceptance and what is everyone else wearing…!  It can take courage to set a trend.  A fundoshi would be OK anywhere brief briefs, thongs or jockstraps were acceptable."



"The muslin is comfortable to wear at any time, even all day.  The synthetic material is OK for prolonged wear in cold weather but not when it is warm.  Then I feel rather sweaty and uncomfortable.  I definitely go for the cock facing up position, but if I am very active my cock works itself in to a sideways of down facing position.  I have to tie the fundoshi tighter to solve this; it’s no problem and it feels great."

Athletic use

"I take part in sports and do a lot of running.  I have tried various things under the short running shorts, even going commando in very hot weather.  I think the best overall is a jock strap with a narrow waist band.  Best overall until I tried the fundoshi which is just as good and a fundoshi is about 1/20 the cost of a jock strap!  Now if you go for the cock facing up position it is best to have a low waist position, tie it really tight and wear it very narrow at the front, basically holding your package in place.  It is a bit more comfortable to go for the cock facing down position and tie it a little less tight, but not loose.  I still prefer the low waist position.  Narrow or wide at the front doesn’t matter with cock facing down."

On the beach

"A fundoshi should be OK anywhere a thong is acceptable.  Swimming in a fundoshi is straightforward and much easier than in long or baggy shorts.  Actually, I think the latter are dangerous to swim in.  A fundoshi can be made “more modest” than a thong if it is worn wide at the front."


Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures! I lked them all! Great account of his experience with Fundoshi.

Anonymous said...

Great account of Fundoshi! Loved it! D.