24 December 2013

Have Yourself a Merry Little Fundoshi-clad Holiday!

Within 24 hours, there will be a lot of unwrapping going on... and I hope at least some of it is you and/or your lover getting their fundoshi unwrapped!  It's been another great year, lots of fundoshis have been worn and laundered, and I feel like all of us have helped spread the word about the fundoshi in our own way.  For some, that means wearing it.  For some that means sharing it with others.  And for some others, that means researching it, running it through search engines, ordering fundoshis from online retailers, increasing its demand and visibility.  Everyone from cosplayers to kendo practitioners can wear, enjoy, and share in the fundoshi.  We've seen new fundoshi-themed blogs and tumblrs come into existence and really blossom this past year.

What with all the ribbons and bows at this time of year, I thought a selection of erotic ropework and knot-tying would be a nice Christmas Eve treat -- and I hope you give yourself a nice Christmas Eve treat while you're looking at these!

I'm really happy and honored to be part of this community and I can't wait to share more in the coming year!  More photos, more stories, more diaries, more experiences.  As always, I really enjoy and appreciate your input and submissions.

Thank you! :)





sew-he knits too said...

incredibly hot!!! where do you find these amazing pix?

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Well, they're from all over, many of them courtesy of Zzzdragon.

Anonymous said...

Once again the photo with the Kendo Shinai really gave me a huge boner! How about some fundoshi pictures wtih some Geta sandals!!!

Ryan Rokushaku said...

I'll see what I can find! I think I have a few more shinai pictures scattered through my collection. I'll post them as I find them!

Anonymous said...

Ropes don't do anything for me, but the taut fundoshi cloths do.

Anyone here wearing one for New Years Eve for hot passionate sex?

Need more guys creaming their cloths.