17 December 2013

The Big Event

 I'm not sure what this event was, but fundoshi figured large in it (as did wireless microphones)!  It sure looks like lots of fun!  If you were there, would you want to be in the audience?  Or up on stage, feeling the breeze?  Or would you want to be at the afterparty?  Or perhaps behind the scenes, helping these lithe young men put on their fundoshis?  Making sure they were extra snug so there'd be no wardrobe malfunctions?  Or maybe sabotaging them so there would be wardrobe malfunctions!?

Fundoshi-themed events seem a uniquely Japanese thing, as it probably should be.  What sort of things would have to take place in America for something like this to happen?  Would you wear a fundoshi to a Pride parade?  Or to underwear night at a club?  Have you hosted a fundoshi party (John?)?  Or would you?  Maybe send out invitations with a fresh fundoshi and instructions of how to wear it?  You could help people with their technique on arival if it looked like they'd missed a step.

In the U.S., at this cultural moment, it seems like private events are the only place to wear a fundoshi (and only a fundoshi) comfortably.  Or, of course, in the comfort of your own home.

Whatever was going on, it looks fun!  Is this a pop group?  Or is this another one of those "only in Japan" things?  Can anyone give any insight?


unkljim said...

I love this series! BUT your post of "Oldies But Goodies" from 5 days ago has never shown up. I always look forward to your new posts!

John said...

Fundoshi parties are great. They let guys socialize without the "armor". We can have fun, relax and swap, have some sashimi and be ourselves.

John said...

Fundoshi is about being human, about being male. It takes some guts to strip down to one and leave the social convention imposed on us behind. We bare our butts, get our junk on display and after a few minutes we are just guys having a good time. The fundoshis come off and go in the washer and we're naked. Shaved to full bush, a friendly slap on the butt and lots of laughter. Reach into the dryer and take one and then we all tie them on, Grab the back of a buddy's fundoshi and give it a tug, then feel a buddy do it to you. Hugs follow and then the clothes go on but they don't mean the same. It's just a costume. We are what we are in our fundoshis. The guys hug my new son and know he will wear a fundoshi someday soon.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Sorry about "Oldies But Goodies," I decided to save that one for a while because it had about 3 times the number of pictures as a usual post! And I have a bunch of ne, not old, stuff to post so I think that one will get split into a 3 part series early 2014.

Ryan Rokushaku said...


Koen said...

Sorry about late comment though I figured out what event it was.
It's a concert of a Japanese boys idol group named Kan-Jani-8. At one event they were divided into 2 team then compete each other which is more likely real Otoko (Men) then one team peformed in Fundohi.
It's a great thing to know that even such twinks consider Fundoshi is an icon of men and wearing it would let young people know how Fundoshi is still great one to wear!

Even private it should be fun to take place Fundoshi event. I'd love to join once it's held.

Thank you for sharing!