06 May 2013

The Art Of Irezumi

Irezumi, the intricate traditional tattooing of Japan famous for it's artistry and suggestion of ties to the underworld, is often displayed by its owners clad only in fundoshi.  Above, a gentleman gets some coloring done on his left thigh.  Below, many more pictures of fundoshi-wrapped men displaying their irezumi tattoos... or is it irezumi-inked men displaying their fundoshis?


John said...

This is beautiful work and what better way to show it off than a fundoshi! This represents a huge investment of money, time and pain. I've been having a lower back piece done, so I can relate. I'm 8 sessions in with about 5 to go. It's intense but after a while I have learned to enjoy the pain. These guys have been through LOTS more, so hat's off for that level of commitment.

Anonymous said...

Check out the art of Hideki Koh for similarly beautiful tatoos


This was mentioned here some time ago, but reposing because it's relevant.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

That's a great link, thanks for posting it! I'm gathering images for another few art posts, and I'm hoping to dedicate one in the future just to the fine art , like Koh's.

John said...

If I had the money and the time, I would love to be decorated like this.

asian bulge said...

sexy~~~ ^__^

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Thank you! Your blog site is amazing.