10 May 2013

Parade of Fundoshis

What does everyone think of this style of fundoshi, above?  We don't discuss this one a whole lot, but the kuroneko (or "black cat") fundoshi combines some of the easy comfort of a mokko fundoshi with the look and minimal coverage of my beloved rokushaku fundoshi.  Ideal for wear under fitted jeans or when maximum tanning area is desired, kuroneko fundoshi are lightweight, sexy, and comfortable; an ideal style for lovers of thongs and jocks as well as fundoshi enthusiasts.

What about wet fundoshis?  Personally I like them.  The water-soaked fabric clings to the body even tighter, the transparency increases and we frequently get a glimpse of what the fundoshi conceals.  The sheer manly connotations of fundoshi, of course, amplify its potential for homoeroticism and make it a favorite subject for the gay or bisexual gaze.  I've thought about holding a wet fundoshi contest here at Fundoshi 4 All, but it seems that by and large most readers are a little shy!

How about fundoshi's kink potential?  I alluded to that above when I wrote that the contrast between the fundoshi's historical and cultural manliness made it ideal for same-sex sensuality, and the very same amped-up masculinity makes fundoshi a frequent subject (in Asian porn, anyway) for semi-dominant male-female scenarios as well as sapphic encounters.  The woman above eases a dildo into herself past her fundoshi.  Japan's rigorous censorship of genitalia also makes the fundoshi a frequent flyer in both straight and gay porn, allowing a great deal of the action to not get blurred or pixeled out.


John said...

Taking the questions in order...

I have several kuroneko fundoshis and they're great. They are the ultimate in minimalist style with a front part that can be moved inward to show a bit of fur or out for more coverage. They disappear even under light linen pants but still provide comfort and support.

A wet fundoshi is great. I swim in them, wear them to the beach and get mine wet a lot. With a light, airy fabric like island gauze, they take on a whole new personality when wet and form to my anatomy. Some visual stimulation and my contours become quite visible.

The fundoshi is highly practical yet offers some very erotic properties. I play with my best bud who also wears a fundoshi regularly and it's fun to unwrap him and be unwrapped or just to touch. Our women have watched us play with the one rule being that the fundoshis stay in place and that allows ample opportunity for sensual fun but also a tension of being able to touch but not unwrap. Reaching climax still bound by the fabric is really awesome. Pulling it aside to allow the genitalia out seems hotter than being naked at times although, sometimes it all just has to come off!

Anonymous said...

I think the kuroneko fundoshi are terrific! I would like to get some of these ASAP! Does anybody know where I can find them! Some great pictures! Some very erotic ones! I swim in fundoshi as well and they're great! Keep up the great work!

John said...

Try this link. I have ordered from this company in Singapore. Delivery in about 10 days via post. Never any problems.


Ryan Rokushaku said...

Thanks for the comments everyone, and thank you John for the link! Has anyone wore a mokko fundoshi? Or echu? I really enjoy echu fundoshi, especially in the hot months.