05 February 2013

Fundoshi Snack

Just wanted to let you know that this month's issue of Têtu magazine has an article about Japnese fetish, including fundoshi, with some interview quotes from me!  It's in French, but I was excited to contribute my own limited knowledge to others interested in fundoshi.



褌、射精 [アダルトホームページ] [アダルト動画]


John said...

Very cool! While I don't see the fundoshi as a fetish item, but as something comfortable and practical, anything can become fetishized. The fact that people are paying attention to the fundoshi means it's on its way to a comeback. Just do yard work in one and I bet anyone will be sold.

Shy C said...

Love the 1st and last pixs where the gathering of folds on the fabric looks so natural. And the pix just above the light green fundoshi. The few droplets on the butt is simple yet create a interesting elements to make your mind wonder. the rough jagged edge fundoshi by zzzdragon is also rather interesting piece. thx Ryan.