31 January 2013

Ty Wears His Fundoshi To The Sauna, And Learns A Hard Lesson.

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Smooth and tan, those were the words that described Ty's end-of-August physique just right.  He had been browning himself and frolicking in the waves for months, free of any obligations other than chasing girls.  Which could be pretty motivational, he thought.  It was the last summer before college.  One last chance to really taste the world.  When he wasn't soaking up sun or fucking the seemingly endless train of eager, luscious hotties lining up for his skillful love-rod, he'd go work out, swim, cycle, climb, hike and run.  His dark hair had grown to shaggy waves that fell across his forehead and shoulders.

It was one of his afternoon delightfuls who had shown him how to tie a fundoshi.  He'd been wearing board shorts all summer, scrunching them up when he lay on his towels so that his thighs got a little sun.  Girls liked guys in board shorts, he'd told himself.  Lyra had told him otherwise.

"Nice tan lines" she'd remarked, jokingly.  They were naked and sweat-slicked, in bed after all.

"Speedos just aren't for me," said Ty.  She'd laughed and they'd joked about banana-hammocks while she tore a long strip from his bedsheet.

"What are you doing!?" he asked.  Moments later she had him tied up in a fundoshi, and it had been a rather erotic experience for him.  Especially after she had moved the pouch to one side, freed his erection, and given him a long and ultimately very explosive blow job.  Though there'd been more girls since Lyra, he'd never forgotten her.  What had really only been a few hours together left an indelible mark.

After that day, Ty would wear fundoshi to the beach.  Following Lyra's lead, he tore numerous yards of cloth into wide ribbons.  In mixed company, he'd wear his beloved board shorts right over top of the skimpy, thong-like loincloth -- but when it came time to rub the suntan lotion on, he'd shuck the shorts.  Often to the surprise -- and delight -- of his companions.  His tan lines melted to a tiny minimum.  He'd tell them it was ancient, Japanese, chaste even.  He showed Dustin and Jake how to make their own, and some of their ensuing horseplay was caught on camera.  Inevitably, it ended up on Facebook, but it only seemed to help the legend of Ty.  Ty wasn't a jock, and he wasn't a rich kid -- if anything he was a little bit of nerdy loner -- but at some point he had discovered that nice pecs, nice legs, and an easy smile could get you places.

By summer's end he was Adonis-like, dark and bronze in a snow white or bright red fundoshi.  It didn't hurt that a fundoshi showed off some of his nicer features, a round butt and a nice front bulge.  If anything, it made the girls even more curious.  They'd giggle as they tried to unwind the garment from around his hips.  Sometimes he would tie it onto them, and suck at their nipples or their toes while they lay in his bed, making out and touching each other.

Autumn came, but Ty wasn't ready to hang up his fundoshi til next summer.  He'd wear fundoshi under his jeans -- even more surprising for the girls at the clubs than for the beach bunnies.  He felt even more sexual than he'd ever thought possible.  Like a ripe berry, ready to pop.  I'm full of flavor, he'd think to himself, and smile mysteriously.  Thick, hot, creamy flavor -- lick me to the center!  That small smile seemed to drive the young coeds in his chemistry lecture nearly insane, and he had no shortage of study buddies to borrow notes from and to shag frequently.

With winter on the horizon, Ty thought a trip to the sauna might be in order, just a relaxing steam in a hot room to kick back in and sweat away his worries.  There was a great one in a club his family had a membership at near the university -- all wood and stone, low shelves and benches to recline on.  Perfect for what his body was begging him for.

It was a quiet Thursday, middle of the afternoon, when Ty signed in with the desk with the pretty receptionist at the Apex Sports Club.  They were both playfully flirty with one another, and he flashed her his winningest smile before grabbing his towels and heading into the locker room.  The club was fairly empty.  He could hear a shower in the near distance, and see a few other members getting dressed in an unhurried manner, but there wasn't the hustle and bustle of peak times.  Perfect he thought.  Ty undressed, rolling up his jeans, t-shirt, and underwear and stowing them away in a locker, then fishing a long white roll of gauzy cloth out of his duffle bag.  It was his fundoshi.  There seemed to be an electric charge in the air.  No matter how hard he tried to think his dick soft, it refused to slacken, and stood out from his body at half-mast.  Thank goodness the club was practically deserted!  This certainly wouldn't be his first time wearing the scant, thong-like twist of cloth in public, but this was a brand new setting.  He might run into someone his family knew.  He was nervous and thrilled as he wound the cloth around his waist and slung it between his legs, catching up his cock and balls in the thin fabric and cinching the whole thing snugly at the small of his back.  A once-over in the mirror showed him what he already knew -- he was looking really great.  A season of working out, swimming, and screwing had everything from his shoulders to the glint in his eyes at their absolute best.  And he was sexily tucked into the bright white fundoshi, which topped everything off nicely.  He wrapped a thick terry towel around his waist and headed for the sauna.

Entering the sauna was like passing through a curtain of heat and humidity.  His skin instantly beaded up with sweat, which began to run down his chest, back, and legs in small rivulets.  Like the rest of the club, the sauna was sparsely populated; three other men lounged about, acknowledging him but each seeming lost in their own thoughts.  Ty found a bench and unhitched his towel, letting it fall onto the bench and risking a quick feline stretch to show off his toned physique a bit, but the others didn't seem to notice.

Ty settled in on the bench, propped up on his elbows, and enjoyed the wet heat.  Within minutes it had permeated his body, and it felt truly great.  After several moments of soaking it all in with his eyes half-lidded, Ty sat up a bit and took a closer look at his surroundings.  The man nearest him was maybe five years older, with short dark hair.  He wore white, speedo-style swim trunks with a blue racing stripe down the right side.  A little further off, to Ty's left, was a man wearing those old-style lace-up football trunks.  He had dark blond wavy hair and a deep, powerfully developed chest.  Across from the second man was a guy with close-cropped hair and a maroon towel around his waist.  As Ty's gaze came back around the room, the guy in the white speedo gave him a friendly smile and nod.

Ty suddenly felt very exposed, as if the fundoshi didn't cover him at all, but rather gave a too-good view of his body to these strangers.  But here he was -- he had crossed his Rubicon, and there was no point in feeling ashamed now.  He could blame the sauna for the slow spread of warmth he could feel across his cheekbones.  He took a long time getting his heart to slow back down, and his nerves to calm.  Lightly closing his eyes for a while and breathing slow and steadily really seemed to help.

So it was a complete surprise when there was a stir off to Ty's left, and when he opened his eyes he saw that the man in the towel had stood up -- and his towel had fallen away.  The man was fully, hugely erect.  Ty had seen many half-erections in locker rooms or while skinny dipping.  It was no big deal, not even really gay for it to happen, and in his teens his sports team mates had all experimented with each others' bodies some.  It was rarely talked about.  But this man's erection was rampant, thick, full, and pointing skyward.  He stretched, much as Ty had, and slowly swiveled to face Ty.  Holy shit thought Ty.  His eyes tried to look anywhere but at the man's cock, but he couldn't.

The distraction of the other man's quivering stiffness had masked the movement of the other two men, who had repositioned themselves between Ty and the door.

"W-what's going on?" stammered Ty.

"I think that's obvious, sweet cheeks." said the guy in the speedo, whose filmy swimsuit couldn't hide his own bulging erection.  Ty felt a wash of fear, but his body felt that electric thrill he had fist experienced back in the locker room.  These men were looking at him hungrily.   It was unbridled lust, and it felt unique to be on its receiving end.  Ty knew he had given many a girl this same wolfish appraisal.  There was a small quiver in the folds of his fundoshi, but he fought back any further arousal.

"The receptionist's going to see this on the CCTV," said Ty a little shakily.

"Who, Annika?" said the guy in the football trunks.  "She loves this stuff.  Look."  He indicated the small camera up in the corner of the room.  It was aimed directly at Ty, an unwinking eye that in its mechanical coldness seemed to anticipate and relish his impending deflowerment.  Or whatever it was that these guys had planned for him.  So there was no point in yelling.  And no point in running -- lithe and muscular though Ty was, he was no match for any one of these three, let alone all of them.

Something happened inside him just then.  Ty thought of himself as modern, a serial lover whose bedpost would have been whittled away long ago if he were the sort who cut notches.  He'd tried a lot of things with a lot of girls.  But never this.  Ty had never been on the receiving end.  He had never been the seduced -- always the seducer.  Suddenly, the idea seemed secretly appealing.  Yet still, fear was making him sweat even harder than the sauna was.  He looked from face to face.  These guys didn't seem hard and mean, just lusty and determined.  They seemed curious, really.  No one had laid a finger on him yet, and now the idea of one of their fingers, perhaps tracing the shape of his fundoshi pouch, was edging its way into his mind.

The aforementioned fundoshi was now quivering visibly.  Ty's whole body was, really.  It was quiet for a long moment, during which no one moved.  Ty lay there, his knees lightly bent, still propped up on his elbows, like a beautiful male specimen.  He knew his eyes were wide.  He knew the flush on his cheeks was visible.  And he knew the men weren't going to make a move until he signaled assent.  He became aware that his balls were throbbing.  He could feel every inch of his fundoshi where it touched him, intimately, like soft cotton fingertips.

"It'd be a shame to wear those fancy underpants for nothing," offered the naked man with the huge erection.  He took a small step forward, his cock bobbing slightly as he moved.  Ty's eyes were fixed on the enormous member sprouting out from the man's undercarriage, curving smoothly upwards into a flaring, glistening pink head, its tip shiny with a droplet of prostatic fluid.  Ty's cock was plenty big enough, but this guy was truly prodigious.  A giant.  Ty's cock stirred and shifted in it's cloth sling.
He dared a small smile.

"I'm not gay, guys." he said.

"That's OK," said the guy in the speedo, "neither are we."

"I'm married," said the guy in the football trunks.

"So am I," said the naked guy.  "It doesn't matter, it just feels good among men and... wild, and forbidden and everything else.  The door locks, and Annika is a saint -- other than her pathological need to see guy-on-guy -- she'll never breathe a word.  To anybody."

"You want to stop, we stop," said the guy in the speedo. "But I'm betting you won't want to stop."  He stepped closer and ran his hand over Ty's erection, inside the fundoshi.  Ty jumped a little, but didn't move.  The guy in the speedo kept running his hands lightly, appreciatively, over Ty's chest and stomach.  "Mmmmmm" he said, "nice."

Speedo moved behind him, still rubbing his hands over Ty's pecs and collarbones.  The guy in the football shorts kneeled in front of him.  The shorts were a dark, military olive color, with red piping, their lacing straining at what was held inside.  He bent over Ty, kissing his stomach and the tops of his legs.  Ty shifted a little on the bench, seeming to be overtaken by a new feeling -- a fascination -- which held him rooted to the spot.  He couldn't explain it.  However the kisses, small nibbles, licks, and gentle bites he was being showered with, and the speedo guy rubbing and toying with his pecs and nipples felt... well, it felt good.  Amazing, really.  He was being worshipped by these strapping strangers.  At last, his mind let go and he let his cock grow and push inside the fundoshi.  The guy in the football shorts paused for the briefest second, looked up at Ty and grinned, before returning to his work.  His hands were now gliding over the sensitive skin of Ty's inner thighs, and gently touching the pits at the backs of his knees.  Ty was beginning to slightly writhe.  He was starting to want his cock touched.  He wanted to run, but his body had other things in mind.

The naked guy came and stood over his face.  Ty was looking up at his crotch, where his buttocks and shaft and scrotum all converged into a muscular mound.  Here we go, thought Ty, but he was wrong.  The speedo guy, still caressing Ty's upper body and arms, leaned his face forward and wrapped his lips around that monstrous cock, wetly slurping it and tonguing the bulbous cockhead.  Ty had a front row seat to a male blowjob, something he'd rarely dared to imagine because of the apparent fragility of modern heterosexuality -- was happening inches above him.

The football trunks guy was now touching the fundoshi itself, obviously unfamiliar with it but curious, tugging lightly at the roped belt and running his fingers along the cloth that was fiercely tented on either side of Ty's engorging penis.  He cupped Ty's balls and rolled them about, then at last stroked his palm and fingers along the length of the younger man's quivering dick.  Above Ty's face, the frenzied fellatio was still happening, and in combination with the strokes and caresses his cloth-swathed man tackle was getting, Ty's sensory arousal was climbing incredibly.  The speedo guy was pinching and twisting Ty's nipples -- kind of roughly but not painfully -- and Ty wanted to participate, somehow.  Not just lay back and be passive.  The nipple play was going straight to his cock-root, feeding his growing arousal.  He rested his head on the towel beneath him, and reached up with both hands to clasp the naked man's buttocks.  He kneaded them experimentally for just a moment, and the man appreciatively pushed against his palms.  Ty knew what he should do.

He pushed with both hands, pushing the man into the speedo guy's face.  The guy in the speedo was taking the naked guy's cock in deep.  Ty had no idea how he wasn't gagging, but he wasn't.  This new participation on Ty's part seemed to spur everyone forward.  The football trunks guy moved forward, leaning over Ty and brushing his bulging package over Ty's own.  The man in trunks buried his face in the naked guy's butt cleft and began lapping enthusiastically at that man's butt hole.  Holy shit holy shit holy shit thought Ty.  The naked man moaned in unmasked pleasure.  The guy in trunks kept up his expert rimming, while grinding his crotch against Ty's.  Their cocks were separated only by a couple layers of cloth, which simply served to be incredibly erotic.

This was frot, thought Ty.  He was frotting!  He had heard about it.  Cock on cock.  He wondered what it would feel like without the fundoshi and the trunks, or what it might feel like if the other guy's big hand circled both of their cocks and jerked them off, all silky skin and thrills running up and down his frenulum.  Above his face, the naked guy kept getting pleasured from both sides.  The speedo guy had moved up to a kneeling position on the bench, just behind Ty's shoulders, and it was impossible to ignore his arcing dick and rounded balls outlined in the sleek white speedo.  Ty freed one of his hands from the naked guy's buttocks and reached up to fondle the speedo guy through his skimpy swimsuit.  The guy moaned, his lips encircling the naked guy still, who seemed to really enjoy the humming sensation of the moaning.  He gripped the speedo guy's head by the hair.

The football trunks guy broke away from licking the naked guy's asshole and shimmied down Ty's body.  He nibbled down the length of Ty's cock through the fundoshi fabric, using one of his hands to press upward on Ty's balls and taint.   Oh my God, thought Ty, am I going to get blown by a guy?

The answer was, eventually, yes, though the man took his time getting to that point, basically nibbling every inch of Ty through his loincloth until his cock stood at it's fullest attention, straining against the cloth and dotting it with a dark spot of slippery pre-cum.  All the while, the man's fingers worked over the knotted fabric, trying to find the key that would unlock the fundoshi.  He tugged at the belt, and at the twisted thong that passed between Ty's buttocks.  He tried to pull the securely-tied garment down over Ty's hips.  He very nearly discovered that you could untwist the belt of the fundoshi, but didn't.  At last, Ty could stand it no longer.  He broke his hand free from where it was massaging the speedo guy's package and hastily pulled the fundoshi's pouch over to the side, freeing his tingling cock but leaving his balls swathed in the loincloth.  Football Trunks wasted no time licking Ty's shaft from top to bottom, swirling his tongue around its velvety head.

In that split second, Speedo had pulled the elastic waistband of his suit down below his scrotum, so that his cock and balls projected outwards right above Ty's mouth.  Speedo let his thick cock brush over Ty's face, and Ty got the message.

Ty was going to get a blowjob, by a man, while giving a blowjob, to another man.  There was something about the closed circuit of that, that appealed to Ty's sex-drenched brain.  He let his full young lips part, and teased the man's cock tip with his tongue and teeth.  More stifled moaning.  It was at this point that the naked man began to cum violently, in literal torrents of hot semen that splashed all over Speedo's face, all over Ty's face and chest.  Ty's first reaction was revulsion -- being touched by another man's spunk was wholly alien.  He twitched a little, but then arrested his feelings of disgust -- this was a fresh situation, with new rules.  The man above him's balls continued to suck rhythmically against the base of his penis, emptying their hot contents all over Ty and Speedo.  He groaned pleasurably, then immediately leaned down to begin licking his own cum off the faces of Speedo and Ty.  In the process, his sticky mouth locked with Ty's, hungrily kissing him over and over.  I'm kissing a man!  It was strange.  But Ty let it happen, and even awkwardly kissed back.  Speedo's dick was still laying against his cheek, twitching slightly.  After a moment the naked man lifted himself up and began making out with Speedo.  Ty was a little relieved that he hadn't had to follow through on sucking off Speedo.  A little relieved, but also strangely disappointed.

He had nearly forgotten that he was being expertly fellated -- The heat of the sauna and the potent sexual charge in the air made him feel out of body -- then he realized that his hips were rhythmically bucking towards Football Trunks' face, that the man's blonde curls were brushing his stomach just above the twisted belt of the fundoshi.  Football Trunks' hands were busy: one was teasing the delicate skin either side of where the fundoshi's thong began its twisting ascent, just behind Ty's mounded balls.  The other gripped the fundoshi's belt, tugging and pulling it while Trunks continued to lap and suck at Ty's engorged cock, which glistened with saliva.  The tugging and pulling on the fundoshi manipulated Ty's balls and mound, and tugged against his tightly puckered asshole just slightly.  He had been sucked off by many, many girls, but this was wild and different.  For starters, there was just a whole lot more suction -- Trunks wasn't shy about it at all!  He felt a guilty thrill, which amplified exponentially when his eyes fell on the sauna's security camera.

He imagined pretty Annika, watching all of this, her delicate fingers creeping under the waistband of her skirt.  Somehow being watched made his arousal go through the roof.  Knowing that this was turning on some beautiful girl in a nearby room made him feel almost orgasmically drunk, though somehow his cock kept from explosively painting the inside of Trunks' mouth with unleashed semen.  Maybe the newness of all of this was keeping him from cumming, from going over the edge.  He wondered if Annika might like to get a drink with him later.  She was clearly kinky.

Speedo and the naked guy, meanwhile, had retired to another nearby bench and were making out, Speedo had lost his speedo, though the shimmery white trunks remained looped around his right ankle.  The naked guy was stroking his shaft while they kissed.  They seemed pretty into it, pretty into each other, really; twisting each others' nipples and gripping each other's buttocks.  Their fiercely erect cocks rubbed and bumped together, and Speedo reached down and gripped the two shafts in his right hand, pumping them simultaneously -- this was what Ty wanted to feel!  He wanted Trunks to take his cock and...

Was he really thinking this!? Holy hell, he was locked in a sauna with three guys, getting blown by one of them!  This was gay.  Very gay.  Was he gay?  He was certainly having gay sex.  Ty started to get afraid.

Sensing the sudden change in Ty's mood, Trunks stopped enthusiastically sucking on Ty's shaft and looked up.  "Everything OK, buddy?" he said.  Ty felt like he was going to cry.  Maybe a tear even dashed down his cheek.  "Hey," said Trunks, "hey, is this all too fast?"  He brushed the tear away and stroked Ty's face.  Speedo and Naked Guy were totally oblivious.  In fact, Naked guy had produced a bottle of something -- lube? -- from somewhere and was pouring it over their cocks and Speedo's furiously working hand.  Speedo took his slippery fingers and began toying with Naked Guy's asshole.  This was momentarily distracting.

"I'm Spencer," said Trunks.  "And I'm guessing you're having a little moment of panic.  I've had guys punch me before, right in the middle of sex.  It starts to feel really good and then it gets confusing, they lose their grip on their sexuality and then, well...  You OK?"

"Yeah." said Ty.  Tears were freely streaming now.  "No.  I don't know."

"You've... you've never been with a guy, have you?" said Spencer.  Ty shook his head and bit his lower lip.  "You know," continued Spencer, "experimenting with gay sex doesn't automatically make you gay.  It makes you experienced.  It widens the field, so to speak.  You look like a guy who gets all kinds of tail -- girls, right?  They're all over you, right?  I don't blame them."  Spencer smiled roguishly.  Ty nodded.  He was trembling a little.  Across the sauna, Speedo was fingering Naked Guy's ass and jerking him off.  "Well imagine if there were no limits to that," said Spencer, "and that male tail was available to you too.  It's all sex, and it all feels good.  We get our taboos and fears all mixed up with it when we could just be making each other happy."  Ty was starting to relax.  His cock had gone half-soft but Spencer didn't seem to notice, or care.  He had stopped stroking Ty's cheek and was sitting back, giving Ty some room.

Ty hazarded a smile.  "I bet you get lots of girl tail too."  Spencer grinned rakishly.  "I'll never tell." Ty reached over and playfully tugged at the laces of Spencer's football trunks, and he couldn't have been more surprised at what happened: the bow that tied the bulging shorts came easily free, and Spencer's sturdy cock popped out, as if the fleshy monster was shrugging the fabric off of itself.  Both of them laughed, the tension of a moment before released.  Even Speedo and Naked Guy looked up from where they were now lovemaking on the bench across the sauna, their bodies streaked with perspiration, before resuming their rhythmic rocking and ragged breathing. Ty watched them for a moment, watched Speedo's slick cock, sheathed in a condom, sliding smoothly in and out of Naked Guy, whose legs were in the air, one ankle in each of Speedo's hands.  They seemed to be enjoying themselves quite... fully.

"See," said Spencer, "don't put so much pressure on yourself, just have fun, just get used to touching a guy.  There's so many ways that your body can feel good."  He guided Ty's hand over to where his balls were still cradled in the loose folds of his football shorts.  "Touch me like you like to be touched," he said, a tiny bit huskily.  Ty rolled Spencer's balls around and stroked the smooth skin of his sturdy cock tentatively.  Spencer was fully shaved -- smooth and clean.  Ty was surprised he hadn't noted that Spencer was, indeed, shaved smooth all over.  The only hair on him was the tousled curls on his head.

"You don't have to be so gentle you know," said Spencer.  Ty gave Spencer's balls an experimental squeeze and a steady downward tug, and he felt Spencer growing harder in his hand.  It was kind of thrilling, to excite Spencer.  Ty's cock sprang back more erect than ever, unconsciously.  "Nice boner," said Spencer, who seemed to have figured out the basics of Ty's fundoshi and was unwinding the twisted belt of it.  Soon the gauzy garment was pooled around Ty's hips, and he was naked.  Naked, turned on, and stroking Spencer's prodigious cock.  He pulled the football shorts the rest of the way down over Spencer's hips and leaned in toward him.

"Think of all the best blowjobs you've ever gotten," whispered Spencer, his eyelids lowering halfway, "and give me one you'd love to receive."  He closed his eyes fully, let his head roll slightly back, and took Ty's head in his hands, running his fingers through Ty's hair as Ty lowered his mouth over the quivering dick.  Ty's lips closed softly and wetly around Spencer's bulbous cock head.  He thought about Lyra, he thought about June, and Ruby, and Monique.  He thought about Annika out in the lobby, and about the way Spencer's own tongue had been working his shaft just moments ago, and he let go of all his nervousness.  Finally.  Ty was determined to make Spencer feel good.  He was determined to make Spencer feel fantastic, in fact.  And to give Annika a good show.  He swirled his tongue and took the other man's engorged penis as deep as he dared, pausing only to let some saliva fall from his lips onto the velvety tip of Spencer's glistening rod.  Spencer was beautiful.  He let himself think it.  At last.  Spencer was a beautiful man.  And Ty was beautiful too.


Anonymous said...

Very very hot, Ryan.... loved it! I would like to wear my fundoshi to a men's massage group I go to and have them massage it off me!
Joe in NJ

John said...

Whew! That is a good piece of steamy writing. Well, it's just good writing. It pulled me along on a journey and I'm really grateful. I'm glad my g/f had not left for work yet when I read it because I had "needs" after getting through this wonderful story.

It also took me back to something special. I had a steamroom encounter when I was 18. I had a free pass to a resort's spa and went on a Saturday. The place was nearly empty, but there was one guy there who was staying at the hotel. He was 30 and showed me around and invited me into the sauna. We talked and let the coccooning effect of the room get to us. He opened his towel and well, I had to look. I did the same and he looked. We both got hard. Nothing happened in there but he invited me to go "relax" in his suite. I went and what followed was my first real m/m sexual experience. He took his time with this inexperienced kid. I had played with other guys and had sex with girls but he took me to a new place. He helped me realize that labels are meaningless. I learned to experience m/m pleasure and I left my virginity behind in that room.

That changed my life in ways you echo here. It was an awakening and a realization that I have feelings and attractions for male and female and that between those two, I am in balance.That's not a contradiction, it's true balance of sexuality and my partner really "gets it" and is supportive of my need. I'm lucky to have a best bud who also has this need and we have supportive partners who like each other.

We are on a journey of conception right now and how beautifully appropriate it would be if this morning's tryst, inspired by this narrative was the one that works.