04 November 2012

Sideways Fundoshi

While traveling the internet looking for new and inspiring fundoshi pictures, I often come across some that are for one reason or another, sideways.  Sometimes they're even upside down.  Maybe it's the camera angle, maybe it happened during upload, or maybe they just didn't care.  Maybe it's an artistic decision?  Rather than righting them all, I thought I'd give you a collection of some of my favorite sideways fundoshis.

Frankly, even though their "orientation" may not be the norm, these fundoshi-swathed torsos and abdomens still look incredibly luscious to me.  In some cases, I've even grown to like them sideways -- my rotations of them somehow render them static.  But, if it really bothers you, you can turn your computer monitor on its side and enjoy them in a more traditional, conservative manner.
In the process of posting these, some of the righted themselves!  So they're no longer sideways -- you'll have to use your imagination ;)





John said...

Nice. Rotating photos can sometimes take away a great deal. But sexy works from any angle. #9 is my favorite for lots of reasons but I am considering a "tramp stamp" tat to go just above where my fundoshi ties. This gave me some ideas for going minimalist with the potential to expand over time if I want.

John said...

I also think that jeans and a fundoshi make the hottest combination there is.