08 November 2012

Flashback to The Blue Lagoon

Maybe the closest the silver screen has come in recent memory to a sensuous, sensitive representation of a fundoshi-style garment is the wrapped loincloth displayed stunningly by 18-year old actor Christopher Atkins in the 1980 version of The Blue Lagoon.

Atkins, a curly headed and bronzed blonde, wore the loincloth quite well, stoking the libidinous fire of many an 80s teen magazine reader, and the onscreen chemistry with a scandalously young Brooke Shields no doubt ignited many a latent sex drive.  The film's theme of sexual awakening by two stranded teenagers, discovering love on their own far away from any of society's or adult influences, struck a chord with many viewers, as did the film's gorgeous cinematography.  I'm sure I've posted about this before, because like many people of my generation, this was our first glimpse of physical love -- a controversial movie featuring two beautiful young stars, lots of sun-dappled blue water, and of course Chris Atkins resplendent in his fundoshi-like loincloth.



In the words of a friend, "by the end of the movie, I was gay."  How many first erections did this movie cause?  Even if The Blue Lagoon didn't spark desires in you for the either for the tan and scantily clad Atkins or the tawny teen dream Brooke Shields, it's unapologetic portrayal of innocence in an island paradise and it's frank portrayal of a homemade loincloth in daily use is inspirational.  Atkins's costume's resemblance to a fundoshi may have even been my very first hint of the wonderful world of this wrapped undergarment, and I salute this movie!


Anonymous said...

I believe Christopher Atkins has come out as a gay man. Does anybody know it this is true?

Aire Bra said...

aire bra
AAhha that is the outstading blogs of my life for fashion.Fashion is made personality.
The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that
is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.

Shy C said...

I vaguely remember advertisement in the papers for the show and yap the tot of the scantly clothed stars did stir some emotion which at that time I was too young to note what that feeling was. But I guess my fascination for such attire came about while watching Tarzan. Than one thing leads to another and from just simply tying a pieces of cloth to now knowing how easy it is to tie up a fundoshi. : )