12 October 2012

Fundoshi Diaries #5: Afternoon Delight, Indeed!

From late last month:

Today my sweetheart surprised me with a stack of new fundoshi she made for me; silver gray, charcoal gray, navy blue, pumpkin orange, and a sort of powder lavender that she referred to as "the gayest color."  But I finally have a decent tan, so it looked good tied on me!  She had made them all a little skimpier and narrower than I usually do, but that's what she likes.

She was also carrying a small dish of what looked like vegetable oil into the bedroom, and set it down on the dresser.

Before long I was standing there in my pale lavender fundoshi and nothing else, and we were kissing and touching.  She told me to turn around, bend over, and put my hands on the wall.  She pushed the heel of her hand against my rounded glutes and let her index finger and pinkie wander between my thighs, tracing the edges of my fundoshi's pouch and the twist of cloth that covered my mounded perineum.  It thrilled.  I told her not to stop and she obliged for a few minutes.  Then her other hand reached smoothly around my waist and stroked my shaft through the fabric.  Already hardening, it was just seconds before I was engorged and rock-solid.

Her palm was still pressing and kneading my buttocks and her fingers grazing my soft sensitive inner thighs and cloth-pouched balls when her thumb started teasing aside the twisted thong that bisected my butt.  She paused to dip her thumb in the cup of oil and I realized what it was for in a hot, sudden, spreading flush of excitement and...a little fear?

Her hand returned to pressing against my butt and her oil-slicked thumb gently wriggled against my anus, getting it good and oily.  Slowly my butt lips kissed her thumb and she eased it into me up to the knuckle, swiping the pad of her thumb slowly over my prostate over and over while her other hand continued to glide over my straining cock.  It wasn't long before the lavender pouch was pushed over to one side and she was oiling up my shaft with the aromatic oil, working her hand and fingers up and down with a slight circular twisting motion while her thumb filled up my oil-moistened rectum.

It was so incredible.  Her thumb rhythmically pressed my G-spot while her free fingers lightly brushed my undercarriage and her other hand smoothly jacked my dick, which was so hard it seemed like it would leap off my body.  She kept this up, alternately licking and lightly biting my neck, shoulders, and back until my body began to quiver from the pleasure.  I felt like one big erogenous zone.  The combination of slick stroking on my pipe-like dick, with teasing under my frenulum and wet-velvet cockhead, thumb playing in my asshole and massaging my insides, and feathery touches of the sensitive skin on either side of my balls and taint made me feel like Hokusai's wave might break over me any minute!  The rhythmic pressing against my prostate acted like a milking of the little round gland just inside my ass.  Clear pre-cum, nearly invisible against my oily skin, was practically pouring out of my cock hole in a tiny rivulet.  Right when I thought I could go no higher, she withdrew her thumb from my rectum and told me to lay down on the bed.  I obeyed.

She loosened the thong of my fundoshi so that the long apron hung free, still askew in front where my penis arched rampantly outward from my body.  She drew the free cloth back between my legs and quickly lashed my wrists together with it.

I had told her about that butt plug I mail-ordered, and how I wanted her to ease it into me and then fuck me, and she produced the rounded black cone-shaped plug from the nightstand, made sure it was absolutely dripping with lube, and started playing with its tip against my hungry hole.  After a few minutes of sweet torture she eased it into me, past the widest bulge so that the lips of my rectum closed around the narrowed bottom, trapping it's wide flared base against my ass.  She used a little of the cloth from the thong to cover it and gave the apron that tied my wrists a little tug.  I groaned with pleasure, my breath shallow and fast.

Using a little of the fundoshi cloth, she wiped most of the oil and prostatic fluid off my throbbing shaft, then lowered her soft round lips onto me, suckling and licking while I fought back my building urge to ejaculate all over the inside of her mouth.  After several minutes she untied my wrists, only to re-tie them again in front of my body, so I could tug on the apron/thonged portion of my fundoshi and it would push the butt plug further in.  She tucked a pillow under my hips as she rolled me onto my back.  Then she lowered her wet womanhood onto me and began a slow hip grind, back and forth, taking my length completely inside her.  She arched her back so she could reach behind her and tug steadily downward on my exposed ball sack, something that under normal conditions helps me to stave off orgasm.  This time it didn't seem to abate the building sensation in my sex parts at all, yet inexplicably I never crested that inevitable edge where there's no turning back from rhythmically emptying semen into her.  Sensations of suspended orgasm just kept building and amplifying, it was really kind of magical.  I felt like I was leaving my body.  Gradually, we picked up the pace until she was riding me wildly.  She twisted my nipples between her thumb and forefinger, something we love doing to each other.  I would have done it back to her but my hands were tied to my fundoshi and I couldn't quite reach the excited tips of her round breasts.  She'd grab the twisted belt of the fundoshi as she rocked back and forth on top of me, or grab the long loose apron that held my wrists tied and give it a long tug; all of which nudged the base of the buttplug and prodded my colon with its rounded silicone end.  I could feel her insides molding to me, gripping me wetly the way her body does when I know she's about to come.  Sure enough, half-strangled moans heralded her orgasm.  Somehow, I wasn't quite ready to cum, but when I whispered it to her she dismounted me, spit on her palms and worked my shaft with her slippery hands until I finally did, volcanically.

My cum didn't shoot out, but it boiled out of my cock slit in big wet gobs, over and over as my anal sphincter tried to tighten but couldn't because it was filled with the plug.  It was the longest, gooey-est orgasm I've had in a long time, and pretty soon her fingers, my shaft and my torso were a slick mess of cum, saliva, and her own vaginal slickness.

She spread my semen all over my chest, stomach, shoulders and neck, and I even licked and sucked a little of my own salty cum off of her fingers.  I lay, trembling and utterly filled with an amazing buoyant feeling for several minutes until I felt ready to move again.  I felt like I had been filled to the brim with sunlight-infused cool water, refreshed and spent all at once.

* * * *

Later on, we filmed a silly video in the kitchen.  I wore only the damp lavender fundoshi, re-tied over my still tingling tackle, and an apron.  The plug remained firmly in place, out of sight and feeling great.  I look very pink-cheeked and bright-eyed in the video.  You can't tell, but I still smelled pretty semen-y too.  It was sort of a "porn for women" type thing -- basically I emptied the dishwasher and then filled it again.  She made me promise never to show anyone, and I assured her it was just for her.


John said...

That was a truly beautiful experience of sharing and giving to each other and what a gift of pleasure she gave you! I am lucky to have had three prostate massages which resulted in the "full body orgasm" of babbling, crying, screaming incoherently as the forces which normally combine to expel semen are released throughout my body and I end up quivering and crying from the massive release of emotions. It's amazing when it happens and a great part of couple play which builds a very special intimacy that is far beyond the exchange of semen itself. I'm glad you got this wonderful experience and that you chose to share it.

Fundoshi is amazing in many ways but the tying aspect of it triggers many other thoughts of being unwrapped, of bondage, of sexual exploration and fun. Thanks so much for sharing your great experience!

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Thanks, I'm still replaying this in my mind many times a day! Like you, fundoshi has really brought things to a new level for me.

John said...

I can't even put into words how a fundoshi changes the way I feel sexually. It confines me, accentuates my male anatomy, allows me to be untied and "released" for sexual service and makes me a piece of meat around the house to be looked at. All of those things are in my head really. It's just a simple piece of cloth that performs a function. I've been sexually active since age 14 but only in the past year or so have I learned to tap deeper into my sexuality. The fundoshi was the catalyst that helped that to happen.