26 October 2012

Fundoshi At The Dawn Of Time!?

In Ridley Scott's recent film Prometheus, humanoid aliens called "Engineers" are depicted at the dawn of time, wearing long gray hooded robes.  One of them disrobes, and, wearing only a loincloth that bears more than a passing resemblance to this blog's own beloved fundoshi, ingests a seething black globular substance that breaks down his DNA rapidly, sending his dissolved remains plummeting over the edge of a waterfall and into the waters of a planet we can only assume was Earth.

So in the universe of Prometheus, the fundoshi has an ancestor/architect just as humanity does!  A fun thought for today.  There are a few more pictures of the loincloth-clad Engineer after the break.

This one's my favorite:

1 comment:

John said...

It's kind of a crossover between the fundoshi and an Indian loincloth but leaning more toward fundoshi because of the way it is tied. I'm glad to see loincloths having such a presence in anime and movies. That's really cool.