16 August 2012

Still Feverish


John said...

The first time I tied on a fundoshi, I felt something new and different. I felt totally male and virile. I love the way a fundoshi focuses the eye on my male equipment. Some days like today I add a cockring for added effect to accentuate my equipment and the life-giving power between my legs. My 2012 commitment to fundoshi has become a permanent lifestyle change. I'm not going back. This is definitely here to stay.

Anonymous said...

When I tried first time, I had sudden erection and had difficulty in
tying properly. I love to touch and adjust my male organ when tying
fundoshi so that my male organ properly placed and wrapped nircely.
Depeding on mood, I can tie fundoshi tightly sometime and loosely
other time.

Anonymous said...

Wearing fundoshi has caused me to take better care of my body and take my workouts and bodybuilding much more seriously! I can't believe how erotic fundoshi is!!!! I never fail to get a huge boner when I wear fundoshi nor when I see these amazing hyper masucline men wearing them!

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

That's excellent! It's been great for my body consciousness, too. I've noticed better posture, for one thing, plus the motivation to want to look good in my fundoshi has neatly offset my love for beer.