22 February 2012

Getting Fundoshi'd

That last post about Nippon Boys with its four photos of festival-goers being wrapped in fundoshi provoked me to sort through my favorite photos of men in the early stages of tying their fundoshis.

It's tough to get enough of pictures of people putting on fundoshi -- or of people getting help putting on their fundoshi! It always inspires me to tie on a fundoshi of my own: as I browse the pictures I can feel the cool, light cloth slipping and tightening against my skin. I can see it in my mind's eye defining my body as I twist and loop and cinch it, finally tucking the ends into the twisted belt I've formed. Checking it in the mirror. Feeling the slight pressure against my perineum. Tying on a fundoshi is, in a word, delicious. Getting a fundoshi tied on for you, now that's downright decadent.

Below is a collection of just such photographs; some solo, some duos, and some are group efforts. Enjoy! I'm off to wrap myself in a length of sky blue cloth.

You may have noticed I've been overhauling the site! There are lots of improvements to the overall site design, a new "Resources" page with lots of diagrams, a "Readers" page with photographs submitted by YOU, expanded and improved information on all the other pages, and a page for the continuing adventures of The White Fundoshi!


John said...

Nice! When I host my fundoshi event, everyone will get to tie on a brand new fundoshi to take home and I am going to think of ways to make this a participation thing to make it more fun so we can help each other and get some contact all in the interest of tying fundoshi of course!

MIke said...

I recently had the pleasure of putting a fundoshi onto another man. It was an experience for bothof us, but I did not document it very well. My bad! There are some results on Flickr, but I plan to re-create the experience, and do a much better job of show and tell.
Meanwhile, I am going out tonight, and have revised my wardrobe accordingly.